Friday, 6 September 2013

You CAN have multiple fabulous prescription glasses AND go to the ball, with I Need Spex!

Hello all! Firstly, I will start off this post by stating that it is a sponsored post, but that I Need Spex is a company whom I have been using for many years, who have provided exceptional service and quality and have enabled me to have many pairs of amazing eyewear and so I am thrilled to be promoting them! I would absolutely not recommend or endorse in any way any company who I would not use myself. You can see from quite a few of my earlier (and non sponsored posts) that I have raved about I Need Spex for years now!

Those who follow this blog, and indeed my Instagram feed (@dollycooljewels) will know that I love my funky frames! I love matching my glasses to my outfits and have now accumilated quite a collection of frames over the past few years. I favour vintage 50s cats eyes and search high and low for the perfect ones. When I first started wearing glasses 14 years ago, I only had one pair for about 3 years and got really bored with the same look, but as they were so expensive to get my prescription fitted in other frames, I just put up with it.
That was until I discovered I Need Spex online opticians!

I was a bit apprehensive about sending off my frames to somewhere I had found online, and had never heard of, so I just got some cheap frames from a charity shop, and sent them off with my prescription. At only £15 to fit prescription lenses, I thought it was worth a go. I was amazed when only 4 days later, my specs came back in the post and were absolutely perfect. I was hooked and began searching for more frames!
Here are just some of the frames that I Need Spex have done for me over the past few years....
My latest frames - hot pink glitter Betsey Johnson. I picked these up for £12 at TK Maxx. What a bargain! Oh, and they match my new pink hair too!

Lulu Guinness Polka Dot Sunglasses - I absolutely cannot live without my prescription sunglasses. They are only a few pounds extra for sunnies on top of the £15, absolute steal! This was taken at this years Hotrod Hayride festival. I was a bit excited at having a ride in a 50s car! 

Picked up these vintage cats eye frames at a charity shop for £2. Making the total cost for a pair of  prescription specs = £17! Wow!

These are my favourite ones....vintage red polka dot cats eyes. From the USA, from Etsy. I wear these ALL the time!
Another Etsy pair - think they were only $10. They are 50s vintage and have aurora borealis crystals set in them. Sparkle Sparkle!

This is from about 3 years ago, and I got these for Christmas off Michael. Think he got them off Ebay.
Another of my faves - My Vivienne Westwood ones. Picked up for a steal on Ebay, think about £20, and glazed for £15 from I Need Spex = £35 designer specs. Don't mind if I do!

And my 50s Cool Ray Polaroid Sunglasses. Another must have pair!
I actually have more than this! I just can't find pictures of them all. As you can see, I Need Spex have enabled me to have a huge selection of glasses, for the price that most people only have 1 or 2 pairs. 
The business is a small operation run by two qualified opticians. They provide such a great personal service that you just don't get with the big companies, and I strongly recommend that you give them a go for your next prescription frames. They are UK based.

I Need Spex are going to be having a stall at the Goodwood Revival next weekend, the 13th-15th September 2013. 

They will be located in the 'Over The Bridge' Vintage Village, and are stall 315.
They will be more than happy to discuss your requirements, and take your orders on the day (you can bring your prescriptions with you, or send them on later, but please remember that they must be under 2 years old as is required by law)
As a special offer, I Need Spex are offering a fantastic discount of 50% off any prescription sunglasses to anyone who buys frames at Goodwood. All you need to do is mention you saw the offer on the Dolly Cool Blog :)
They also have a range of Vintage frames available to buy, and are also looking for any deadstock frames/job lots that they can purchase, so if you have some to sell - please take them along. You can also contact them on: if you have any frames you are looking to sell - this goes for people worldwide too!
Thats all folks! I'm off to go and look for my next vintage frames....I'm thinking confetti or blue ones..... :)