Thursday, 4 July 2013

Latest thrifty finds, and creative pursuits!

So, its been 3 months (gulp!) since my last did that happen eh? I suppose I have lost my blogging mojo a bit since moving house - just so much to do!
I promise to try and get back on track with it though and share a bit more of what I have been doing (a bit sooner than every 3 months for a catch up!)
I'm really pleased that I keep up to date with lots of you on Twitter and Instagram however, which has kind of taken over my blogging as its so quick and easy.
Anyway, for those of you not on every socail media platform going, here is a bit of a catch up on what I have been doing the last few months....
I've found some cool things as the car boot sales and boot fairs....
Pirate shot glasses, from a charity shop in Chester, £1.75
50s tea caddy, £3, Earlestown flea market
Hanky vase, £1, 
Fruit print glasses, 20p, 
60s/70s tin, 50p

50s curtains, £2 each. I bought all 4 for £8.
Washed them all, kept two for my studio, and sold the other two on Ebay for a good profit :)
Ta da! Goes perfectly with all my other 50s furniture and retro nik naks
50s card suite decanter, 50p
I've also been busy with my sewing (I go to a local sewing class/group once a week)
I've made this 50s "1 yard skirt" 3 times now. It fits me perfectly and I love it, so I chose a Hawaiian print picked up at a local bargain bin fabric by weight shop.
I made a matching tie top, which I adapted from a top I bought from the lovely Rascal, which she made for me from an original 40s pattern.
 I wore the set when I was trading at the Tattoo Tea Party Tattoo Convention earlier this year.

I also made this apron, from a modern repro pattern that my friend Jo picked up for me from a charity shop. The ladies in my class were unsure of the clashing patterns, but liked it when I had finished!!
Sorry the next couple of pics are sideways BTW!
Flamingo, atomic, binding, polka dots and sugar skull buttons.....what do you mean its clashing?!

And my latest project, and bane of my life, a dress I am making from a 50s pattern. My goodness its hard work for a novice dress maker such as me! One sheet of written instructions, no pictures = eek!
I'm getting there though with help from my fellow sewing class ladies (who are mainly all retired seemstresses, tailors and very good sewers, phew!) 
I've also taken up crochet....or trying to anyway. I can make simple squares and I'm working on making enough in different colours to make myself a blanket. Maybe it will be ready for Winter 2016?!!
I actually took wool and a plastic hook on the plane to Helsinki when we went in March. The time flew by! 
Highly recommended boring flight time filler :)
And last, but by no means least, I got a new tattoo! Its on my left calf and of a delicious Ice Cream Sundae!
The artwork, and tattoo itself is by Sheffield based Amy Williams.
Amy is the artist that also did the teacup on my arm. I really love her work and her style. Although still an apprentice, her work really stands out and is such high quality. I am thrilled to be the owner of another piece of  her art!


  1. love your tea caddy, real atomic stuff
    in your room with your retro stuff you have a nice rack
    It's a rack made by a Holland firm Tomado
    verry collectable

    keep blogging
    greets James Little
    feel free to follow

  2. Oh my god, so much to type ...

    1. I adore those pirate shot glasses! I heart pirates.
    2. You look tore up from the floor up in your Hawaiian outfit. SO jealous of your sewing skills.
    3. That apron is awesome, and sometimes there's nothing better than clashing.
    4. YOUR TATTOO IS AMAZING AND I AM SO ENVIOUS. You giving me the itch to get MOAR.

    xx A

  3. Hurrah! Yer back. Excellent the tea caddy...I've seen them go for considerably more than that.
    Love seeing your sewing too. Your apron is great, nothing like a bit of a clash.
    Your new tattoo is fab. Amy does beautiful work.

  4. That tea caddy is incredible and I love the curtain, it looks brilliant!
    That tattoo is incredible! Lovely to see you pop up in my reader! x

  5. Ah you find such cheap goodies! Love seeing what you find :)
    Here in London everything costs so much more & there are SO many dealers around. I did however manage to get a Horrockes dress at a boot sale last week!

  6. Nice to have you back blogging! Awesome finds and really like your sewing products. The apron is super cute.

  7. Wonderful hawaiian kit you sewing. It´s so great when you find a pattern that fits you perfect.