Monday, 22 October 2012

My Latest Vintage Finds

Thought Id share with you a few recent purchases from the local Charity shops and antiques centre that I have managed to find recently...I've had a bit of a drought with good finds this year at the car boots, but this months finds have made up for that, because its quality not quantity thats important, right? :)
Find of the month - Original 50s footstool, just £4 (about $6.50) from the antiques centre. 
It was shoved in the corner, covered in dust, dirt and cobwebs. The seller obviously bought some things as a job lot and this was in there and they want to just get rid of it! £4!! All it took was a good scrub with some hot soapy water, and a toothbrush and it has come up brilliantly! 
Also from the antiques centre, picked up these vintage leaf glasses for just 20p (about 45c) each. Bargain, and jsut goes to show that antiques centres ARE worth a look round as there are bargains to be had! Yes a lot of things are expensive and possibly overpriced, but you can still get some gems if you look hard enough! 

More vintage glasses, this time from the heart foundation - £1.49 for the pair

And these fruity beauties were 25p each from the hospice shop! 
Fab clothing find! I hardly ever find anything vintage that I like, that is my style so I was thrilled to see this 60's knit dress for £5.99 in the PDSA shop. A quick wash and dry later, and on it went with my trusty bow belt - its a black and grey checkerboard knit dress - perfect for winter!

A few days after I got my dress, it was time for the annual local beer festival, so it had its first outing for probably many years! Its very comfy, and just the right length, so I can see its going to be a staple in my wardrobe. Here I am with my friend Jo - CHEERS!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Some recent design work...

Firstly, thank you everyone who commented on my last post regarding me feeling fed up! The latest news is that there is still no news :( .....I'll keep you posted!

On a more positive note,  I thought I would share some of the design work that I have done for alternative punky US brand, Too Fast for this coming season.
I've been designing for Too Fast now for nearly 4 years now, alongside running Dolly Cool and absolutely love working with them. They are an amazing independent company and they sell so much cool stuff! Here are some things I've done for them....

Pop Art Gun Heel 

Moustache Heel - made of fuzzy flocked fabric! :)

Octopus socks

Bones Swimsuit

Sugar Skull Swimsuit

Owl Hat and Gloves

Sugar Skull Cardigan

Western Pistols Cardigan

Sugar Skull Hotshorts

Skeleton foot shoe with bone heel

Zombie Unicorn Onesie suit

Nautical print skirt

I'm in the middle of next season's collections now...will share more when they are released for sale! 
All the above are available now from Too Fast Clothing
Hope you all have a nice rest of weekend :)