Saturday, 31 March 2012

Death to all but metal! Steel Panther Gig & Glam rock outfit post....

Last night, I went to watch L.A Spoof glam rockers Steel Panther with my sister, Elaine. This was my treat to Elaine as a thank you for all her help at my shows, and for knitting me jumpers from vintage patterns!!
Elaine has been a rocker since she was a teenager - and loves hair metal, punk and rock, and when SP were coming to town, I just knew she would love to go.
For those not in the know, Steel Panther are a VERY rude, spoof glam rock/hair metal band. They can't play the songs on the radio (far too filthy!) so its all thanks to You Tube and word of mouth how they have got so big. With song titles including 'Balls Out' and 'Asian H00ker' (and they are the clean ones!) If you are easily offended - don't look up their songs. Mum, this means you! ;)
Anyway, its the thing to do to dress up accordingly to go and see them. We had great fun with this, and with lots of leopard print, lace, backcombing and half a can of hairspray, we were ready to go......and here we are!
Rock on! I may add that I haven't worn a cropped top, or back-combed my hair for 20 years, so I didn't do too badly eh?! And Elaine has crimped hair! ha! Remember crimping irons!
How the band look - Now you can see why we dressed up! There were SO many people dressed up, it was really funny!
Panther on stage
Rock hands!
We had a great time. They put on a great show, and Elaine loved it which was the main thing. Shame my hair didn't love the back-combing and hairspray, it took me AGES to brush it out, and I was glad to wash it and get back to my normal self today! ha ha!
Have a good weekend everyone :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A grand day out!

After two very hectic weeks including lots of work, a trip to London, and my birthday - I finally found time to take a bit of time out, and with the weather being randomly really nice at the moment (around 20 degrees C), Michael and I had a day out at two of out favourite local places, Clitheroe (A historic market town, with quaint streets, a castle and lots of charity shops!) and Towneley Hall - a stately home in beautiful grounds.

Here are some photos from our day.....

Clitheroe Castle in the hazy sunshine
An old stone window. I liked that it still has the original sash and interior shutters.
After walking around for a bit, I spotted this really cute vintage inspired tearoom/cafe and shop where we decided to have our lunch, Callooh! Callay!.
It had an Alice in Wonderland theme....check out the cool flamingo wallpaper!
Food and drinks served in mis-matched china, lovely. I had the 'Tweedle-dum, Tweedle-Tea', which was a very nice spiced blend with cinnamon & cloves. To eat, I had a rather yummy blue cheese and pear panini, which was MASSIVE, and served with vegetable crisps and a hearty salad, yum.
Upstairs in the cafe was a vintage shop! Set out like a house, with the clothing in an old wardrobe, and jewellery on the dresser!
And check out the funky wallpaper in the middle room
Even the loo was cool! 
After lunch we climbed to the top of the castle
Todays outfit:
Swallow Shoes - Miss L Fire (their first outing! And v.comfy too)
Spotty jeans - Primark
T-shirt - Sailor Jerry (from USA)
Cardi - Benetton (from Charity shop, £1.50)
Bag - Birthday present
Sunglasses - Original 50s Polaroids from Florida last year, fitted to my prescription
Hairtie & Jewellery - Dolly Cool (of course)
Clitheroe Castle & War memorial - look at that blue sky!
And at Towneley Hall. This is how England looks on a nice sunny spring day!
Daffodils! Spring flowers are my favourite.
Fountain outside the hall. 
Walking in the grounds. It was lovely and quiet and peaceful. Just what I needed after a hectic few weeks!
My feet! Oh how I do love my new Miss L Fire shoes :))
Michael. And I did actually find a couple of goodies in the charity shops too!

80s wool cherry cardigan with apple buttons, £3.50 
Red 50s hankerchief vase - 50p 
All in all, a grand day out! :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Photoshoot with Alt Studio, featuring, er me!

Last week I was offered an amazing opportunity - to have a makeover and photoshoot at a new studio in the heart of Manchester's arts quarter (The Northern Quarter) - Alt Studio. I must admit, I did um and ah if I was going to do it, as I am a bit shy really and didn't want to appear as if I thought I was a model (Which I don't!) or that I'm full of myself (which I'm not!). It was Michael in the end who said - Why not? What have you got to lose? Do it for you - it will be fun. And so I though, well why not? and so decided to do it!
I was asked to bring 2 outfits of my own choice, and think about what kind of look I wanted the photos to have. I chose my two favourite outfits - which I feel nice in, and I know that fit me properly and I feel comfortable in, a Hawaiian Dress (vintage 80's), and a nautical outfit (Skirt - made from an 80's sailor dress that I cut up, and vest from UK Independent label; Old Skull 4Eva). I said I wanted the photos to be 'Happy, Smiley, Fun' and definitely NOT 'Pouty/Vampy/Tarty'!!!
I really enjoyed having my hair and make-up done by a professional - Nikki Armstrong. Nikki was lovely and did my hair in heated rollers, and gave me a fully made up face, including false corner lashes. I then got ready and off we went! Simon - owner at Alt Studio - was really easy to get on with, I felt really comfortable working with him and he totally directed me ( as I didn't have a clue!) into what would look best pose wise, without making me feel silly! He was very professional and great at what he does and the 2 hours flew by!
And without further are some of the pics....

Pulp Fiction pose...he he!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Alt Studio and would recommend anyone else to give it a go! Simon is offering, for a limited time only, a number of free makeovers and photoshoots and you can contact him through his website here, and on the Alt Studio Facebook here.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Recent Buys, Finds and Acquisitions!

I've not bought myself much for AGES, and have been really busy and have had little time to go shopping and thrifting, and its not car boot season where I live yet (end April!), but I thought I would share with you a few cool bits and pieces that I have bought, found and acquired over the past few weeks!
Mega treat! Swallow sandals from Miss L Fire
They were expensive (£55 = eek!) but I LOVE them. Come on summer!
Melissa Fade flock peep toe pumps - In the sale for £9.99. They should RRP at £60 so I got a bargain here, and they smell of strawberry bubblegum too :)
And I know that every Tom, Dick and Harry will have one of these, but I don't care because I love it!
Remember the Prada SS12 collections that I blogged about a few months ago? Well Primark have gone and ripped it off  done a version, a mere snip at £12. The Prada one is £815!!
And a close up of the print. It is so similar to the original I really dont know how they have got away with it!! I  got a matching twinset style cardi for £6 as well - bargainous summer outfit!
And from the charity shops....
Two vintage patterns. 80's one on left 10p. Looks a bit cheesy on the package in those 80s yuk fabric combos, but I like the style of the cap sleeved top and will look nice in my choice of fabric.
70's one on right, 50p. The style is very 50s I think, and think this will be my next sewing class project, along with the 50s pencil skirt.
I went to my fave Manchester fabric place on Saturday, where they have big offcut bins that you have a rummage through and buy by weight. I got this fab Hawaiian (about 2.5 metres) for £2.30. What a steal!! 
And a close up of the print, nice and detailed. This is what the full skirt (its not a full circle) is going to be made this space!
I also picked up this stunning 50's glass in the charity shop for 50p. Its my new favourite! Surprise surprise, there was only one, so it can join the rest of the glass orphanage!
And look what I acquired! A lady at sewing class was having a clear out and brought in a big bag of fabric for the class to pick from. I chose this lovely bright turquoise gingham, and this original 60s daisy fabric. there is over 2 metres of it...not sure what to do with it yet but its really bright and cheerful! :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tattoo Tea Party!

This weekend I traded at my first ever tattoo convention - The Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester.
I had an absolute ball! It was such a great show! It was very well organised, I did really well on the stall, met lots of lovely customers old and new and got some great feedback. I came home on Sunday night shattered, but elated :)
Here area few pictures from the weekend;
My Saturday helper - my sister Elaine, indulging in a bit of Rock n' Roll Knitting behind the stand!!
My Sunday helper (pictured here with the Dolly Cool Stall) was the lovely Kally from Kalandra Jane Designs. Not only does Kally make amazing hats and facinators, but she also collects and blogs about all things vintage, so if you don't already follow her blog, check it out and follow her here
And some general shots in and around the show
Lovely carousel - shame not many people went on it!
A few more shots of the halls
Artists at work!
There was a prize for the best dressed tattoo stand. I liked this boudoir style one! Not sure who won it, but the prize was really good ( I think a free booth at 3 more events!) so I was surprised that not more people made an effort with their stands!
And me showing off my 1/4 sleeve with the lady who created it - My lovely tattooist, Beany!
I am of course dripping in my own Dolly Cool jewellery and accessories, and wearing a high waisted skirt from Collectif.
All in all, a really great show. I will definitely be back again next year :)