Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vintage Fair in Didsbury

Today I did another Vintage Fair. This one was in South Manchester in a place called Didsbury. While I didn't do amazing well today trade wise (it was fairly quiet), I met some lovely people, had a nice cup of tea and slice of home made carrot cake (yum) and got myself a few cool items!
Here are a few photos from the day;
Todays outfit: FREE! ha ha! This 60s dress was a present off my friend Emma. Isn't it fab? I love it!
Nice vintage crockery stall
Fellow stallholders, Gail and Fran - who were lovely :) 
Fran (in red) is holding a vintage Russian vodka bottle holder in the shape of a man with a HUGE moustache that she had filled with sweets for customers!
More stall folk...loved this gals 60s outfit and beehive
Fave stall of the day goes to the homeware in the corner, drool!
Which I purchased this from:
Is it a bowl? Is it a plantpot? Or a candle holder? Who knows? I just love it so it had to be mine!
No idea what era its from either! Anyone have a clue?
I also picked up this 80s deadstock Hawaiian dress  - mint condition with boned bodice, smocking to the rear - so fits perfectly and is comfortable, and a fit n flare skirt - very me, really happy with it.
And a close up on the print ♥
All in all, I had a really nice day.
Random end to the post - but I picked up this reuseable jute shopper bag in Tesco supermarket yesterday and thought I'd share as its an Orla Kiely charity number - a complete steal at just £4! There are going to be a few designs including the popular pear pattern, but they are limited edition though, so be quick!
(PS - On this link it says they are going to be available from early December, but I got one yesterday!!)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What I've been up to!

Nothing greatly exciting, but been out and about over the past few days so I thought Id share with you what I have been doing!
On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to be given a preview evening ticket for The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which is a high end craft and art show in the centre of Manchester. Very close by, is currently also a 'pop up' 50s diner (by pop up, its only temporary for a few months, boo) which I have been dying to give a try, so we tied in a visit with the craft show!
I went with my friend Jo, who kindly provided the freebie preview tickets :)
The Pin-Up diner! Boo Hoo its only here until 6th November :(
Inside - Cool 50s vibe and music to match :)
The bar area
Most important bit - the food! I had a filthy double veggie burger with fries and 'slaw.
It was amazingly delicious. The food is all freshly prepared and home made - not processed crap from the freezer! 
Jo had an equally filthy chilli dog, fries and 'slaw! 
We both washed our very healthy meals down with a freshly made milkshake each, YUM!
And then, feeling rather full it was on to the craft event! It was a really nice atmostphere with some great designer/makers showcasing their talents. I didn't take any photos in the venue as I forgot! Oops. You can see plenty of info on their website however.
As it was all high end stuff, it was pretty pricey. Worth it of course, but not somewhere I could go mad and buy loads of things. I did however pick up this lovely recycled vintage tape measure cuff from designer Tamsin Howell:
My new cuff. I love it!
And how it looks on. Chunky and plastic, just my style of bangle :)
On Saturday, I was at the Leeds Roller Dolls Roller Derby touting my Dolly Cool wares:
And on Sunday, Michael and I went on a nice autumnal walk that actually was about an hour longer than planned as we got a bit lost and ended up trekking through muddy fields, and fields with cows in! (*Shudder* I really do not like livestock! Unpredictable animals!). 
Anyway, we made it back in one piece and it was all good exercise :)
Hope you all had a good one!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Charity cheer, and Green Eyed Monster!

Hooray! Is all I can say, I feel like I have not got any vintage bargains for AGES. We have only been to about 6 car boots in total this year as the weather has just been so wet, they have been cancelled constantly. I don't care for the indoor ones - as is mainly market sellers with crap like batteries, cleaning products and mobile phones! The Charity shops seem to be a bit lacking in good things too of late, but thankfully that all changed yesterday when I thought I'd pop out for a look in my local hospice shop and I'm so glad that I did! This is what I got;
Set of 2 vintage glasses for my collection - 50p
Not found any for ages, and smashed a few this year (sob!) so very pleased with these
60's mug - 50p
I'm always a sucker for retro florals!
And find of the day - set of 12 unused vintage baubles - £1.50.
How nice are these? In my fave colours and they are all immaculate too. Can't wait to use them at Christmas!
Also picked up this Hello Kitty clock for 50p....I love Hello Kitty and at that price how could I not!
And now for the green eyed monster....that will be me then!
You cant see it so well, but I picked up this lovely emerald green wool mix Topshop cardigan at the same hospice shop the other week for £2.50. Its such a nice colour, that I thought I would use my bright emerald green  Urban Decay eyeshadow as it matches nicely...
Shade: Minx
And this is how it looked. Its a bit loud but I love the colour. Who said red and green should never be seen?!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A visit to the beer festival!

Every year, its our local beer festival around this time of year. Its held for 5 days and nights, and all the proceeds from the festival go to a local children's charity. A great night out, a chance to try all sorts of different beers, and all for a good cause? Don't mind if I do!
Me with my friend Jo and our beer!
The scene inside the marquee. This was a Thursday night - so its pretty packed really. You want to see it on a Friday and Saturday night!
The barrels are all line up round the outside. Each barrel is sponsored by a local company, so the festival really does made lots of money for the charity - yay!
When you go in, you pay your entrance fee, then get a glass, a pen and a booklet with all the beers in....
Me and Jo pondering what to have....
Mark, Jo's Husband, and Michael also deciding what to have!
Decisions, decisions! These are the beer tokens that you 'pay' with at the bar. A great system! You can also rate the beers at the side of each one with a mark out of 10 - geeky!!
This is one we tried, it was lovely! I like all the fruit/flavoured ones so tried a ginger one (my fave from last year), cherry, strawberry and a mango and citrus. We try and stick to the pale ales, as the thick Guiness like stouts are a)not my taste b)give you the hangover from hell!!
Entertainment provided by Jazz singer, Jerome who played for well over 3 hours non stop. He has been doing the festival for about 15 years!
Sis Elaine was also there with her work chums!
Silly time....we took a lot of photos which were very silly as you know, thats what happens when you ahve quite a few real ales! ha ha! I will spare my friends and myself by not posting them here - apart from this one of Mark, who is the king of silly photos! CHEERS!
And my outfit - totally forgot to get a full length shot, d'oh! So you have me in two halves! Top photo shows my Miss Fortune short sleeved polka jumper that I wore with a long sleeved black top underneath. I'm wearing my Lady K Loves black high waist pencil skirt, with my 80s pixie boots and my new spotty tights!
Spotty tights are very 'on trend' this season, apparently - like I care - I wear polka all year round, pretty much every day for the last 8 years if not more!! I found this pic in last week's YOU magazine, shoing these polka tights which are £32 fromWalford. £32 FOR A PAIR OF TIGHTS???!! Really? Who pays that?! Mine were £1.49 from the Marks and Spencers clearance shop! :))
Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vintage Fair Virgin

Today I did my first ever vintage fair! No, not going to visit one  - been to loads of course! - but I mean actually trading at one. It was a local fair, very near to where I live and I know the organisers ( I met them at my local market) and it was the first one they had organised so they asked me if I would like a pitch so I thought Why not? I roped my sister, Elaine into helping me out and I'm so glad I did it as we had a great afternoon! Here are some photos from the day;
Me with our stall. I'm wearing all vintage today (for once!) My 50s day dress dress is the one I bought in Morecambe in July from Dottys Vintage, 50s Lucite confetti cuff  - present from one of my lovely US customers, Maddie, I'm also wearing my 50s specs, and my 30s celluloid necklace and earrings - but you can see those better on the later pic of me eating cake! I took a mixture of half of my usual Dolly Cool goodies, and half was vintage stuff that I had knocking around. I buy too much so it was time to sell some off!
And my sister, Elaine - looking lovely in a scotty dog and heart print repro dress from H by Henry Holland at Debenhams. All the stuff on this half of the table are Elaine's candle creations - cupcakes, vintage tea cups and key lime pie candles. Our stall smelled lush!
And a close up! Good enough to eat!
General view of the fair, and the nice lady next to us from Elizabeth's Attic Vintage.
Lovely vintage homeware sellers. I soooo wanted most things on this stall.....we just don't have room for any large stuff however, boo!
Lunch! Yes really, this is what I had for lunch. Well, we were sat across from the cupcake stall. And you know I can't resist cake! :) 
I didn't have all 4 of course! Just the one....which was delicious.
Elaine munching her cake, and with a cake pop (ball of cake on a stick, covered in yummy chocolate and sprinkles!) that she bought for her daughter.
All in all, a great day! :)
I also met lots of lovely ladies today, one of them being a fab permanent make up artist and vintage enthusiast, Alison, who has her own blog VaVa Voom Vintage. She has also done a write up of the fair and gave me a lovely write up! Thanks Alison ♥ :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Off to Narnia!

As the weather turns back to autumn again, after our random 3 day heatwave last weekend, I have been thinking about coats for winter. I always have a wool coat, usually something red or pink but this year I fancied something different. Inspired by the coat bargains that my friend Rascal has been getting on Ebay over the past few weeks, I thought I'd try my luck for a something a bit different for me....a faux fur!
Its not the first time I've had one, I had a lovely white faux fur when I was a student - my sister used to call it The Polar Bear! This time I wanted a black one. Something that I could wear with all of my many brightly patterned scarves and gloves. I searched for a while, put a few on my watch list that I liked, then waited to bid! I was very lucky that I got my first choice, and was the only bidder winning it for just £4.99. It arrived today and I'm really happy with it;
And the best bit - aside from it being just £5? It came in a dry cleaning bag - the lady had it dry cleaned at the end of last winter so its nice and fresh and good as new! It feels very warm, and quite glam for me, and I am 100% not glamorous at all! ha ha!
Narnia here I come :))

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Sugar Skull & Pearl Necklaces

I've been working on a few new pieces for Dolly Cool over the past month or so, and I have created some 3D sugar skull pieces which I have finished with pearl chokers. As these are quite time consuming (and heavy!) at present, they are going to be limited edition - a few of which I will sell online, and some at my shows and events.
I thought it would be good to get some promo pics for the necklaces and I knew that there was only one lady for the job.....the one and only La Dama of course!
Isn't Dora just fabulous?
And the black version of the necklace that Dora is wearing
And the red necklace. As usual, Dora has done an amazing job of styling, hair and make up for the shoot. Photos by her husband, Buddy
And a sneak peak at the pink version of the necklace, too.
I'm actually quite sad that Dora's modelling has come to an end for me and throughout, she has been totally amazing and professional - giving 110% to make the photos look good. I'm going to have to design more Day of The Dead/Mexican themed things so I can get her back! 
For my next collection....(work in progress...) I already have another lovely young lady lined up to model for this space..... :)