Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dire Domestics & Some vintage cheer!

Had some issues with dire domestics this week, firstly the oven packed in on Monday. Great! We got someone out to fix it, but it was going to be the same price to fix as to buy a new one, so we got a new one - Unexpected expense #1. Then today, my embroidery machine hoop broke, its basically a cheap piece of plastic that you can't fix, and you have to buy a new one - £30 plus shipping - Unexpected expense #2. Rubbish!
So this afternoon, a bit fed up after boring oven and hoop buying, it was off to the charity shop and local market to pick up some vintage goodies to cheer me up!
Mini Cactus - looks fab in this vintage coffee cup. Cactus - 50p, Cup 20p
Two 60's plates from Hospice shop - 20p each
And a close up of the pattern 
And joy of joys - a retro sweet stall has opened on the market selling all sorts of nostalgic sugary treats! Michael treated me to some of my all time favourite 'penny' sweets (now, not a penny!) - white chocolate mice. I've always had a thing for white chocolate. Its really sickly and sweet, and these white mice taste just like they always have done, yum :)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Trip to London!

Last Thursday, I took the train down to London for a few days.The reason I was going originally was to go and see Reverend Horton Heat on the Thursday night, but I decided to make a mini break out of it and do some sightseeing on Friday day as well. So here are some photos from my trip;
The Rev! They were awesome! 
On Friday, my friend Kate had to work, so I had the day to myself to tootle round. My first trip of the day was to go to the Tate Modern. Somewhere I have wanted to go for ages....but only just got round to..(it opened in 2000, oops!)
Walking up from London Bridge Station towards Tower Bridge. I then walked all along the river front to the Tate.
Views of outside, and the Millenium Bridge
The gallery (unsurprisingly) is HUGE! There were quite a few different collections to look at, I loved the Pop. I've always been a bit of a Lichtenstein fan, and for years through school and Uni, I had a print of "Wham!" on my wall, so it was great to see the real thing.
In the Cubist section
Some modern sculpture - made from vent parts
And so not so modern sculpture - Rodin, The Kiss
There was also a room with the Gerhard Richter 'Cash' painting series (left). I took some photos for Michael as he is one of his favourite artists. And some Rauschenberg (right).
After being cultured, It was time to head back up Oxford Circus way...not for the faint hearted at the moment, as the sales are on and it is bedlam! I met up with Kate for lunch and we headed down Carnaby Street;
And down to to The Diner in Soho for a burger and chips! I had the portabello mushroom and swiss cheese 'burger'. It was delicious!
I then walked Kate back to work, and I then went shopping in Camden (which is pretty rubbish to be honest - its all tourist crap in the shops, rather than the alternative mecca it once was), so I headed back to the bustling Oxford Circus and had a look in the sales. I didn't get much but picked up a few staple bargains;
2 Breton tops - cant go wrong with a Breton! £5.99 each from Pull & Bear
Spotty polo shirt dress - £6.99 from Uniqlo
That evening, I was so knackered from walking about all day, so we just chilled out at night at Soho Joe's where we had pizza and wine (healthy day I was having!!) It was really good pizza, and at £6 for a full pizza in central London, a real bargain too!
Saturday was coming home day, but I still had time to fit in a quick trip in the morning to The British Library, where they had an "Out of this world" Sci Fi exhibition on.
Outside the Library - you can see the beautiful St Pancras Station in the background.
Me being a big kid - doing my own 'draw your own alien'. It even beamed it up and put it up on a big screen! 
And so this weekend was spent catching up on orders and chilling out. No boot sale again, but I'm hoping to get my charity shop fix this week as not been for ages so watch this space :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A bit quiet....and some new make-up!

Hello! Sorry its been a bit quiet on the old blog front - I've not really done anything very exciting to blog about to be honest in the last couple of weeks! No boot sale AGAIN on sunday due to the persistant bad weather. Instead, Michael and I went for a bike ride in the drizzle!
I have actually been very busy (work wise) as I decided that I needed to 'tweak' a few things on my website, so have been taking some new photos, updating information, organising a new photo shoot.....which will be featuring the lovely La Dama (which I am very excited about)....more info on that coming up soon.....and also I changed my domain name from the Moonfruit address I have been using for the last 2.5 yrs, to, which is more professional - even if it means I now have to change ALL my branding and promo material (and there is a LOT of it!!)..... I know it will be worth it though and I feel much happier with the taking things forward.
I've also in the past few weeks become an avid tweeter! Something I dismissed for quite a while, as I didn't really "get" it - but now I do! I think its great to interact with other like-minded people on there - there are a lot of inspirational creative people with great business advise, independent brands, designers and crafters, and people into vintage, so for me its been a really positive thing to do. I'm @dollycool if anyone wants to follow me :)
So, enough waffle and onto the lovely new Make-Up that I treated myself too last week. I had a coupon code (of course!) for Beauty Bay, and I wanted some new eyeshadows - so I bought this fab palette by Urban Decay;
The Vegan Palette. Completely cruelty and animal product free. I'm not vegan, but am very against animal testing, so anything like this gets the thumbs up from me! You get 6 very highly pigmented eyeshadows, an eye primer and an eyeliner. The set retails for £23.50, but I got it for £18 with the coupon. 
This was quite a splurge for a bargain hunter like me,  but I don't buy very much make-up, but what I do get has to be good quality. I especially hate cheap, nasty eyeshadows!
And just look at the pretty box!
And a close up of the shadows. They are all a pearl/frost finish which I love (I don't really like Matt finishes). The gold and bronze colours are my fave. The bright turquoise is for brave days! 
I am actually doing something interesting later on this week, so promise more interesting posts coming at the weekend :))

Friday, 17 June 2011

Belated Brand Feature!

Oops - something I forgot to post! Right before I went on holiday, I was featured in the Summer 2011 Attitude Clothing magazine.
Attitude are one of the largest alternative retailers in the UK, and I am very proud to have them as one of my main stockists. They  sell some really awesome clothes and accessories as well as some cool jewels (he he!), so well worth checking them out if you like your stuff rockin'!
I was totally thrilled that not only did they feature a whole page of my products, but they also did an interview with me too! So they gave me a whole double page spread in total, yay! Here is the article, click to enlarge!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tuesday Night - outfit post

Really busy this week with orders, wholesale and new collections, so just time for a quick outfit post...
On Tuesday evening, I went out for a family meal and this is what I wore....
Lake dress and spotty tights, Primark, 
Cardigan - had this since I was 18! It was originally from Topshop. Certainly got my moneys worth out of it, as its still my fave as I love the fit!
Earrings and Bangles, Bakelite
Necklace, 60s vintage milk glass
Brooch, Vintage Rhinestone 'C'
Shoes, 50s deadstock
And a close up of the shoes which I bought last May for £1, (see my earlier post here.)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ink, Iron & Hotrod!

 This was supposed to be a great post, full of cool bikes and hot rods, but alas no! The Great British "Summer" weather put a big stop to that I'm afraid!
This Sunday, I was trading at the Ink, Iron & Hotrod show in Batley, West Yorkshire. I set off at 7am to get there, sun was shining and it looked like a beautiful day. I got unpacked at set up on my pitch, which was INSIDE (thank goodness!). When the doors opened at 10am, tons of people came in, and it was really busy! I met a lot of nice people and had a great time trade wise on my stall, but I had no chance to go outside to get some photos of the bikes and 'Rods on display. When it calmed down a bit around 2pm I thought I'd go outside and get some snaps, but lo and behold - it was absolutely hammering down with such heavy rain, and it stayed that way until about 10pm that night! Bummer! So no nice photos to share I'm afraid :(( I did snap a couple of the inside however;
Flyer for the event
Lou, my helper for the day (Lou is also my hairdresser and a drag racer!) and me. We are of course both wearing Dolly Cool everything.....self promotion and all that! ;)
Picture of my stand - wooh! Super reflective arm band on that guy's jacket!
Entertainment on the main stage by the Hicksville Bombers, who were awesome!
The show was co-organised by the Satan's Slaves Bikers and Originals Hot Rod Club. I really had no idea how the two would come together, but it worked so well! There was a really good mixture of people, and a mixture of rock and rockabilly music and merchandise. Special Thanks to John from the Originals HRC who invited me along to the event after seeing my blog on The Kim Show! Both the Hot Rod and the Biker guys were great on the day, helping us unpack the car, checking up on us during the day to make sure we were ok and the event was really well organised. I'm hoping this will be a regular feature in my trade calender...and hopefully next year will be better weather!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Glamour/Benefit Freebie time and a new dress!

Its that time again when Glamour magazine (UK only, sorry overseas ladies!) are giving away some fab Benefit freebies! Woo Hoo! I love Benefit, so I make sure I write down in my diary (yes, sad I know!) when the issue is out, and then I go out early and snap up my freebies! The Benefit issues always sell out really quickly, so if you are not fast, you are last!!
So, for a £2 magazine, you can get either a Benetint, Posie Tint or High Beam product. The products are 1/3 of their full retail size, and worth around £10 each. Bargain! Considering a full sized Benetint is £24.50, this is a great deal, especially if you are new to their products and want to give them a try, without spending a fortune.
This months UK issue with choice of 3 products
I got 4! 2 x Benetint, and 2 x Posie Tint....I'm massively into lip stains at the moment, so wearable for daytime without worrying about lipstick smears. I didn't get any high beam, as its not something that I'd really use. Well, I had to leave some things in the shop for someone else! ;)
Me wearing Benetint
I got the magazines from Asda (UK Supermarket) and had a quick look at the clothing when I was in there and picked up this really cute sun dress;
Cherries and hearts with raspberries & pineapples in the background! ♥♥
Detailing on the bust
And a close up of the fabric! ♥♥
And a complete steal for just £10 :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Deco Celluloid Necklace Super Bargain!

I got some exciting post yesterday....a beautiful 1930's  celluloid charm necklace!
When I was on holiday in Florida a few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for two things - Bakelite bangles and a celluloid charm necklace. I found the Bakelite, but didn't even see any celluloid necklaces in any of the many antique shops we went into. I see them on Ebay and Etsy, and they always go for £100+ if not more, so I was hoping to get something in the States for a good price, but alas, none were to be found.
On returning home, I searched again for some, and found one on Ebay, from an antique store in California with no bids on, and it was ending within the hour! So, I waited and placed my bid within the last few seconds - yep, I'm one of those Ebay sniper types ;) -and I won it! Eeeekk!!! Here it is;
White leaves and bunches of grapes, with contrast red/brown leaves on the top
And a close up...the charms are all in brilliant condition
Has its original clasp....I think I may add a lobster clasp on to it however as the celluloid is quite brittle, and the way the clasp fastens, it may put too much strain on and break. The chain is mostly in good order, with a few cracks here and there, so will just have to be careful when I wear it :)
It even came with two extra grapes - the seller said they were in the box when they got them from the estate sale. I have made them into earrings of course!
And so, how much did I get this for? $25.00! (about £15.00) What a bargain! :))

Monday, 6 June 2011

Quick Outfit Post and some new curtains!

This weekend was a bit of a funny was really hot and sunny on Saturday - and freezing cold and rainy on Sunday! Thats the great British weather for you!!
On Saturday, I went for lunch at my parents, and wore the vintagedress I bought in Florida:
This is my absolute new favourite item of clothing! It is so light and comfortable to wear. As soon as I've worn it, it gets washed and its straight back on again! 
In the morning, Michael and I went to the Flea market at Earlestown, and I picked up some great vintage bags - to revamp for Dolly Cool - and we got an absolute bargain, which was a pair of Sanderson Dandelion Clock curtains, new in pack - still with the John Lewis tags on for just £5. They are £100 in store!!
♥♥ this print - you can see more of the range here
Sunday was a bit of a washout.....I was up and out early and at the car boot for 8. I just about missed the rain, but I bought was full of rubbish this week, boo. Better luck next time!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Ink!

Today I got some new Ink! You know I said that I wouldn't be getting any more work done on my arm....that sleeves were not for me last time I got a tattoo...weeeeeeeeellllllllll I knind of changed my mind! This is part one of my new arm tattoo.....part two is coming soon as is being co-designed by myself and my fabulous tattoo artist, this space! And so here is todays new ink;
Rose and Nautical Star. Designed by me, Inked by Beany.
And a close up :))
It didn't hurt that much compared to other ones I have had done, apart from the leaves right near my armpit!!!!! :s
I'm really pleased with it! ♥♥