Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party Roundup!

Yesterday as most of the world knows, was The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A lot of the UK celebrated the day as they were given an extra paid days bank holiday (cause for celebration in itself for most!) to mark the occasion. As mentioned on my previous post, I'm not too fussed myself about the Royals - but the opportunity arose to have a stall in the arts district of Manchester (The Northern Quarter) for a celebratory 40s style street party, and as you know, a stall is a stall and with a 40s theme to boot and sales to be made - hurrah for the Royal Wedding! ;)
I had a really great day at the party - the sun was shining, everyone was in a great mood and I did pretty well sales wise too so good all round! The only negatives were
1. That I forgot my bags for wrapping up sold goods - disaster! As it was a public holiday none of the shopfitters were open for me to go and buy some, but luckily I know someone with a shop not too far away from where the party so was able to beg some bags from there! Phew!
(Massive thanks to Kathy from Awesome Rockin' shop - Rockers England).
2. The street was like a wind tunnel! This was rectified by sticking down everything I could with gaffa tape and making a windbreak out of one of my tablecloths!
Apart from that - all was are some photos from the day;
Me stood behind the stall. The pink spotty screen is my windbreak!
I've got my new specs on and am having a coffee from my 10p thermos!
My stall with my little helper (aka my Niece, Kat). Kat did a great job helping me out and it was so busy during the day I don't know what I'd have done without her!
A general view of the street
A lot of people made an effort with dressing in the period style

A Tiki bar!
I met fellow blogger, Kally who also had a stall at the event. It was thanks to Kally's blog that I ended up having a stall here - so thanks Kally it was really nice to meet you and see your lovely hats :)
Very important - Cake stall! yum....
And macaroons.....also yum.....
And also some street art going on from local artists!
Kat swapped over with Michael at about 5.30pm and he enjoyed the atmostphere with a few beers! I didn't have any drinks as I was driving, and I also don't really like to drink when I am working.
I packed up at 7.30, and we walked to Pizza Express where we relaxed with a nice meal and drinks.
A great ending to a fun day :))

Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Necklace Designs

Its been a very hectic few months and I have not really had much time to work on new designs for Dolly Cool, but that is about to change!
I am starting work on a range of wooden heart and rosary bead necklaces, and also some large single piece necklaces a sneak peak of which are below.....
Large Tattoo Rose necklace

Sugar Skull & Rose Wooden Heart Necklace on Rosary Chain

Ship & Swallow Wooden Heart Necklace on Rosary Chain
If anyone has any suggestions for what they think would look nice on these necklaces, please add your suggestions below! :))

Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holiday Booty!

Yesterday when we were driving to the seaside to do the 10 mile run, we passed not one, but FOUR giant car boot sales on the way - waaaa!! gutted! One of them had a big sign on saying "Also on Easter Monday" so that was our day sorted for today!
Michael and I set off early, and had a nice leisurly stroll round the car boot. I got a few goodies, with a grand total spend of just £1.60!
50s sewing box - £1.
 Been after one of these for a while.....really wish I had taken a "before" photo as it was FILTHY! I scrubbed it for half an hour with an old toothbrush and some stardrops and left it in the sun to dry. The inside is thankfully pretty clean and unmarked.
And how it looks in situ on my sewing table :))
Vintage Thermos flask - 10p. A proper flask at last! I have modern stainless steel one that I use for shows, but its pretty rubbish....this traditional glass lined one will be much better.
Vintage towel  - still in box! - 50p

This company have been going since 1933!
And the front & back of the towel...super retro!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Flea Market finds & a 10 mile run in the sun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holiday weekend!
I have had a busy friend Kate came to stay and we hit the flea market at Earlestown on Saturday morning to get some bargains!  Kate bought loads including bamboo picture frames, wicker boxes, wooden boxes and a wooden guitar (she likes to woodburn things for her art label, Clumsy).
Michael got a few vintage check shirts for £1 each and I got a few 60s bits.....
60s vanity case - I'm going to sell this on once revamped with my swallow patches :)
vintage drinking glass - free! It was getting late in the day and the seller said I could have it as he thought it was rubbish!! 
My fave find from the day - 60s wallpaper roll still in the shrink wrap - 50p
And a close up of the design. We are going to use this on a feature wall or alcove.
And on to the 10 mile run!
While most people were stuffing their faces with chocolate (being Easter Sunday today), I was out running a 10 mile road race at the seaside with my friends Jo & Mark.
Mark and I at the start of the run. Yes I did run the whole race with my huge heart shaped polka dot sunglasses on, much to the amusement of other runners and race marshalls! 
And a few hours later after we finished looking a bit red in the face and with our medals!
Quite a nice medal actually, they are usually a bit plastic-y and rubbish!
This was our first "official" road run in about 2 1/2 years and it went well....but it was quite hot today so the last few miles were quite hard going. I  have spent the rest of the day lounging about and reading with tired legs! Bit more of a chilled out day tomorrow me thinks!

Friday, 22 April 2011

New (old!) Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Catseyes!

A few weeks ago, I spotted some lovely vintages catseye glasses on Etsy which I thought would make some great prescription sunglasses. They came yesterday and I love them so much that I am having them made into regular prescription glasses instead! Here is me wearing them;
Its lovely and sunny in the UK at the moment so I've got my Hawaiian shirt on that I got in Calella, Spain last year for €2 (£1.80/$3) and my hair in low bunch buns with a lily hair flower. You have to make the most of it when its nice here as it doesn't last long!!
And here is a close up of the specs. They are inlaid with Aurora Borealis Rhinestones, so have a bit of sparkle when they catch the light. There are a few small ones missing - but when you get stuff  thats 50-60 years old, you expect some wear and tear! It does not detract from them anyway and I love them as they are :))
These frames were just $14.99 with $5.00 international shipping, Bargain!
As with all my specs, I have sent them off to I Need Spex, who will fit my prescription into these for just £15.00. Yippee!
Hope you all have a nice sunny (hopefully where you live too!) Easter weekend.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


In the UK, a lot of people are doing something to celebrate the Royal Wedding (of Kate Middleton to Prince William) on April 29th. I myself am not a royalist, nor is anyone I know really - but its a good excuse for a party isn't it?! It's actually quite a nice atmosphere seeing what people are doing for the occasion, and the shops are full of cheery bunting, flags and party things.
My parents are going to a dinner party on the 29th with the theme of Bow Ties and Fascinators, and so my mum asked me to make her a fascinator for the occasion. Although I am a creative person, I have never made anything like this before so it was a bit of a challenge, but it turned out OK.....
Ta Da! My first ever fascinator. My mum is wearing a red dress so wanted something match that was "funky". I did a red/white/blue theme as a nod to the Union Jack colours... 
And a view from the top! Not too close up mind you as the finishing is a bit squiffy! ha ha! 
Lets just say that I wont be changing career to become a milliner! 
Speaking of which, there are three people who I follow who make fascinators/are milliners properly and are worth checking out if you don't already follow them;
Little Rascal - my friend and creator of lovely hair flowers, fascinators & hats
Milliner Me Kimothy - I discovered this gals blog only a few weeks ago. She lives in Tampa, FL and gave me some great thrifting tips for when I visit in a few weeks :))
Kalandra Jane Millinary & Musings - Fellow Mancunian and maker of fabulous hats and fascinators. 
Kally also mentioned on her blog that she was having a stall at the Northern Quarter Street Party - a 40s themed street party for the Royal Wedding in Manchester's arts quarter;
(Blurb taken from NQ street Party website)
April 29th will see Edge Street and part of Oak Street transformed into a 1940s-style street party, with bunting, punch and Victoria sponge in abundance. Local cafes and businesses will set up stalls offering party food, cake, chocolate, vintage delights, arts and crafts and much more. A fabulous, eclectic fashion show will showcase the Northern Quarter’s finest independent designers and outlets, with many of the garments available for sale on stalls afterwards.
A swing dance lesson by the Manchester Lindyhop society is sure to get toes tapping, while a 40s-themed treasure hunt around the Northern Quarter will delight would-be sleuths. A busker’s bandstand will feature a mix of folk bands, magicians and other entertaining eccentrics; local artists will showcase their work in a series of live art performances; rumours abound of an epic sing-off between two rival barbershop choirs, while the ‘Red Arrows’ will be taking to the streets as you’ve never seen them before!
Budding cake-bakers, bunting-crafters and jam-makers are invited to enter their creations into a competition, to be judged by a very special guest. Other party plans include craft workshops, a brass band and string quartet, charity tombola, pass the parcel, black pudding hoopla and much more. As the light fades stunning visual projections will be provided by Littlestar Media and DJs including Xfm’s Gareth Brooks, Murkage Cartel and the stars of the NQ’s finest underground clubnights will keep the party going til 9pm.
Thanks to Kally's blog post I have gatecrashed the party and will also be having a stall at the event! Should be good fun...will get some photos of course! :))

Sunday, 17 April 2011

First Car Boot of the year! :))

Hurrah! I went to my first car boot of the year today (The HUGE one in a field near where I live only runs from mid April - August). I knew it was forecast for nice weather today, so I hoped it would bring out the sellers and it would be a good was! This is what I picked up....
50s/60s (not sure!) juice glass - 10p
Love the pattern on this - only 1 as usual!
Clarks (yes more red Clarks!) wedges (barely worn), £2
80's deadstock navy spotty slingback wedges - £1
80s cutlery (full set 24 pieces) - £1.50 
Red, and spotty! Hooray!
Vintage plastic bead necklace - 25p

And a close up...the beads look like balls of wool!
50s bag  - I'm going to embellish this with my Dolly Cool swallows to sell. Its in such good condition!
As is this one....
60s bag - again, going to embellish with swallows! :))
So the first boot of the year went well....roll on summer!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Presents, Finds & Purchases!

Hello! I've had a very hectic few weeks so posts have been a bit few and far between...that doesn't mean that I stop finding/buying myself things of course - so here is some of what I have been bought a present, found in my local charity shop and bought myself over the past few weeks!
First - the present:
This was a gift from my friend Jen, who spotted it when thrifting and knew I would love it! I can't find one online to date it but its marked as Barratts Delphatic White Tableware, England. I'm guessing its 60s. And the best bit? Jen messaged me this week to say that she found 5 more this week when thrifting so bought them for me - yippee! :))
And on to my finds from my local charity shop:
60s mugs - 25p each. Love the colours - match our house perfectly!
Fornarina top - £2. I really like Fornarina stuff. Its like a poor man's Moschino Cheap n Chic. Both still too expensive for me, but not when you find it in the charity shop! Its a really nice shape, cut and gathered so its really flattering, the fabric is nice and thick, and with a nice embroidered bow to the chest too.
Boring but useful! Two pairs of jeans - One French Connection, one Next. The FC ones still had the tags on them! They should have been £65! I got both pairs for £2 each
And on to the purchases....
Handmade bag in cool Tiki fabric, £8.
 I bought this from a girl at the Roller Derby I traded at the other week.
And a close up of the print. (Its Alexander Henry 'Tiki Lounge' if anyone is interested)
Ships wheel vest from OldSkull4Eva - an independent label that was at Kustom Klub in London.
Handpainted sugar skull - by KalaHula, also from Kustom Klub. I ♥ him!
And this weeks Ebay purchase;
Collectif Sailor Cardigan - won for £3.76! (Bad photo taken with phone, ended at a random time like 10.43am on a tuesday morning  - Why do people do this?! If you take good photos, in natural light and end things at 8pm - you get far more money for them! But hey, I'm not complaining!)
And to make it even nicer.....
I added some of my own design Dolly Cool Patches to the front :))

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kustom Klub show report

I am back from London and show #5 of 5 in a row - phew! I had a brilliant weekend, and the weather was a scorcher to boot - hurray! Here are some photos from the day;
My stand - with customers! :)) You are probably really bored of seeing my stall now....promise no more stall photos for a while!
Me - with FOOD! HOT VEGETARIAN FOOD! Woo hoo! They had a good selection actually...this was home made vegi pizza with home made chips and garlic mayo. Not healthy, but delicious!
General scene from the event
My friend Kate (who organised the event) with her tattooed wood wares
The band - Drowning Sorrows
Claire and Katie from Tattoo-a-go-go. Awesome hand painted homeware and trinket boxes
More shoppers...
Mariana's Tasty Treats. And they really were very nice. I had a slice of the blueberry cake and the banana loaf!
On Sunday, Kate and I went to Hampstead Heath and had a picnic. It was so nice and felt really summery. In typical British fashion however, on the train home yesterday, when we were approaching Manchester - it started raining quite heavily! Good old crappy UK weather!
I am pleased to say that I have no more shows for a while now, doing 5 in a row was a bit manic! And I am also very happy to report that my favourite car boot sale (Botany Bay car boot for those who are local) has just started again, so fingers crossed for sun on the weekend so I can go booting again, yippee!