Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Barkcloth creations!

I was busy with the sewing machine today and made a few things with the 50's barkcloth curtian panel that I got last week from Southport;
So first was to make new cushion covers for the sofa in the front room...
And how they look in our front room...
You can also see the other 50s barkcloth cushion - which was a b'day pressie off Michael, on the egg chair in the window :))
I used pretty much all the fabric making the two cushion covers, and all that was left was the two strips at the top that were for the curtain runners...
Being super thrifty and resourseful, I unpicked the fabric from the runner and was left with two long strips which I have now turned into hairties!
Ta Da!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Rockabilly All dayer, A Rant, More Pressies & Purchases!

1. Rockabilly All Dayer
This weekend was show number 3 of 5 in a row - The Rhythm & Booze Rockabily All Dayer in Birmingham. I had a good time, sold some of my wares and had a good chat with my stall buddy, Rascal, and my friends Kate and Nicola who came up for the event.
Rascal & I behind Rascal's stall - Totally tropical! (The stall and us!)
The fantastic Domestic Bumblebees. All the bands were pretty good actually!
2. A Rant
Yet again, food was a problem at the event. Last time I did the event, there was no food - so I was hungry! This time, it was advertised that there was food - great I thought, so I just brought lunch. The food turned out to be chicken curry and rice. That was it. No other choice. GREAT for people who don't eat not.
Having been a non meat eater for 18 years, I'm pretty used to this kind of thing, but it still annoys the hell out of me. I mean, its 2011, and no vegetarian option? I'm not even a fussy eater - I would have been happy with some chips - but no. Chicken curry and rice or nothing!
Venues hosting events really need to get their acts together! Its either no food (like at Bedlam) or no vegeratian food (like at last years' Kustom Kulture Blast Off, and Birmingham). Its not even just the non meat eaters who have a problem, Kate said the curry looked revolting - like school dinners/dog food so she didn't want it either! At the end of the day, its the venue that loses out too as they miss out on food sales!!
Kate and I were that hungry that we shared a plate of rice;
Mmmm overcooked, mushy, plain rice. Delicious! Hmmmmmpf. Rant over!
3. More Pressies
I was also lucky to get some more cool pressies at the weekend;
Supercute tiki print shopper bag and
Vintage curtains, both from Rascal. I'm going to make these into cushion covers, or maybe use them as curtains in the spare room
Cool leopard print straw clutch embellihed with orchids and a hand made wood-burned heart plaque, made for me by Kate. Kate makes these awsome wood-burned hearts as jewellery and art for her label, Clumsy.
Moomin make up bag! Michael bought me this when he went to an art gallery over the weekend as he knows how much I love The Moomins! ♥♥
 4. Purchases!
I also bought a few bits this weekend....
Hawaiian shirt and

High waisted denim pencil skirt, Both from Lady K Loves. Lady K stuff always fits me so well :)
Repro 50s style tropical print dress from Idaho Red Vintage.
And a close up of the print. All are coming to Florida! :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Off to Birmingham - show #3 of 5!

This week I have been preparing for show number 3, of 5 in a row, which is 'The 3rd Birmingham Rockabilly Rhythm n Booze All Dayer'. I am having a stall again with my friend and fellow blogger Rascal, and its a 3pm until 3am extravaganza!

 I am really looking forward to seeing the headlining act; The Domestic Bumblebees. I last saw these guys at Rhythm Riot, and they were one of my favourite acts of the weekend!
I am also staying over this time - NOT driving home at Ridiculous a.m again (!!), and am meeting my friends Kate, Nicola (who I did Bedlam Breakout with the other weekend) and Beth there too.
Should be a fun event...full show report when I get home :))

Thursday, 24 March 2011


So, I thought I'd do a post about some of my lovely birthday presents that I got yesterday :))
Ticket to see Brian Setzer in July....(Beyond excited!), from Michael
50s barkcloth cushion, from Michael
Cupcake print apron, spotty bangles & silver bird earrings from Michael's brother & girlfriend
Gingham napkins with cute food print & Florida guidebook from my friend, Emma
Moomin Cereal bowl, from Michael's mum
Dollars! From my parents & sister for hols :))
Nice make-up from my best pal, Alison
Fab retro vase & tulips from my friend Jo
And Happy Birthday to me, from me! I saw someone wearing a pair of these Spotty Dr Martens at Bedlam Breakout and was like - argh! I really want those! They are limited edition and £120 (EEK!!!) on the Dr Marten website, but of course...I didn't pay that! I got mine from Ebay, from a shop in London who were selling them at half price as they were the last pair (and luckily in my size, hooray!) I got them for £60. Still pretty pricey (for me!) but I know I will wear them to death and get my moneys worth for sure! :)

Birthday Seaside trip!

Yesterday was my birthday, so as the weather was so nice, Michael and I decided that we would go to the seaside for the day!
We got the train to our nearest seaside town, Southport, which is on the North West coast of the UK and had a really lovely day walking along the promenade, looking round the shops and enjoying the sunshine.
Here are some photos from our day....
Southport in its heyday! I found this huge black and white photo on a wall in the supermarket!
The majority of the buildings still exist however, so although the shopfronts are different, if you look upwards, some of the architecture is really stunning...
Such as these fabulous Art Deco windows on the old theatre (now a bingo hall)
We had a walk in the gardens near the seafront. Painted a very cool retro turquoise and white!
And me next to one of the fancy bench/shelters. I'm wearing my bargainous Original Penguin "ooh Matron" dress (£3 from charity shop), red blazer (50p from car boot) , revamped 60's bag (50p, charity shop) and red bow front Blowfish shoes (£10 in the sale).
Cool old sign on the start of the pier
The beautiful Wayfarers Arcade....built in 1898
And one of the lovely old fashioned sweet shops in the arcade
Do you know what this is? Its a google map of all the Charity Shops in Southport - told you I was dedicated! ha! 15 in total - and we went in all of them! I only actually got a couple of things, but they are good ones.....
50s barkcloth curtain - £4. This is in mint condition and is pretty big! Its perfect colours for our front room, so I'm going to make cushion covers with it for our sofa :))
Vintage polka dot bangle. Sadly not Bakelike (I wish!) but is an old one nonetheless, as the spots are inlaid - rather than painted on like modern bangles. Its nice and heavy too, and was just £1!
On the way back to the train station, we spotted this new 50s style diner that had only just opened.....
And the inside...
I will definitely be going in here next visit! We dont have any American diners 'up North' so was really excited to see this :))

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Todays Charity finds!

Ha! Told you it wouldn't be long before I got my charity shop fix again....I can't stay away and crave to go if its been more than a week! (Get a life, Clare!)
Anyway, my sister Elaine came round for lunch today (we had Thai Vegetable soup, home made Potato Cakes and Cupcakes & Tea for dessert, yum). We then ventured into my village centre and had a root round the market, charity shops & crap shops! The sun was also shining and it felt really spring like and warm, happy days :)
This is what I found today in my fave hospice charity shop;
Kenneth Cole wedges. Have been, by the looks of them, worn once!
Kenneth Cole is a US shoe brand (I presume someone bought these on holiday to the US as they are a US label, and sized an 8M, which is my size in US shoes).
And on! They are really soft leather, and only a 3" wedge, with 1" front platform making them a more comfortable 2" instep than most wedges. I can't stand pu/plastic straps on wedges either - they always cut in and rub so I am sooooo happy to find these. They RRP for around $70 in the US, I got them for just £2!
And this brand new, still with tags on wrap style, tie front dress from UK label Oli. The side zip has broken, but now I'm getting much better with my sewing machine, I'll just put a new zip in!
Photo does not do it justice, its midnight blue and a nice weight matt fabric, perfect for a summer day dress with leggings underneath.
And a close up of the wrap front. Oli dresses sell for around £50-£70. I got this one for £2!
And final fun purchase of the day, gingham and cupcake oven gloves, £2.49 from crap shop B&M bargains!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Radio Silence, Dolly does Derby and Miss Fortune!

Hello! Firstly, apologies for the Radio Silence this week...

A while ago when I was booking my shows I just signed up for loads of things, and then realised more recently that they were all one weekend after the next for five weeks in a row! :s!
I am also super busy with a ton of Design work for Too Fast, and I have my web orders, and stock for shows to make alongside, so I'm currently on 14 hour days at the moment - starting around 9am and working right through until around 11pm-Midnight to fit it all in!! I am really tired, but am not complaining at all as you have to make hay while the sun shines, don't you?!
This unfortunetley does not leave much time for charity/thrift shopping, but I'm hoping to do some next week :)
So...last week was Bedlam Breakout, this week was the Roller Derby! Local one this time, my home team Manchester Rainy City Roller Girls (Yes, it does rain a lot in Manchester, hence the well appointed name!) vs Dublin Roller Girls and Lincolnshire Bombers.
I had a great time as usual - its always fun to do the Derby, and having a stall means you always get a ringside seat! Here is the view from my pitch;
Manchester won by miles - yay! Go home team! :))
And this is what I wore....
Lots of Dolly Cool stuff - obviously! (Self promotion and all that!) Cherry Earrings, 3D Love necklace and one of my Cherry print hair ties. And one of my fave tops - which is a short sleeved jumper from Miss Fortune.
This cute little jumper is great for shows ( I wore it on Friday last week at Bedlam too), as most places I trade such as sports halls, bars and night clubs all have air con - great if you are skating/at a gig/dancing but not so great if you are stood still behind your pitch! Brrrrr!
This is a better view of what the jumper looks like;
'Scarlett' top by Miss Fortune, £28.00
I like this top so much that I have this week also bought myself the same top, but the Nautical version;
'Nautical Nancy' short sleeeved jumper, £28.00
Miss Fortune is a UK independent label, designed by one girl, Laura, who runs everything herself. When she was starting out, she used to make it all herself, and now things have grown her products are manufactured. She still, however, gets everything made in the UK which is why I'm a fan.  In the sea of mega mass production (Primark, Asda etc.) I feel like its really important to support fellow UK designers and  UK manufacture...and Miss Fortune's stuff is really cool too - win all round!