Monday, 31 January 2011

Rockabilly Night at the Irish Centre

So, this weekend saw myself and Little Rascal doing an all-night show at the Irish Centre in Birmingham, which had live entertainment from Rockabilly band, The Draggin' Trio (who were awesome!) and Psychobilly legends, Restless.
The show went well, the venue was packed and the bands were rockin'. The only downside was that I travelled from home, which was about a 1 hr 40 min drive away - so after leaving the venue after 2am, I didn't get home until 4am and spend yesterday in a stupified zombie-like state!
I'm looking forward to doing the next event at the end of March when its an all day/nighter as Swedish band The Domestic Bumblebees are headlining. I last saw the 'Bumble's at Rhythm Riot and they were brilliant. And Im going to stay over next time so no drive home at silly o'clock!
Here are a few photos from the night.....silly me forgot to take a photo of Rascal and I! She looked fabulous in her tropical hawaiian outfit too :)
Our stalls...Cool tropical to the left, spot and gingham chaos to the right!
Markus and Brett from The Draggin' Trio
Psychobillies watching Restless. This was just before they started wrecking and smashing glasses! :-o

Friday, 28 January 2011

Its showtime again!

This weekend sees my first show of this year.....I am having a stall with my friend and fellow blogger Little Rascal (who will be selling her fabulous handmade hats, facinators and vintage goodies) at The Irish Centre Birmingham for a night of rockin' bands and DJ's featuring Restless and The Draggin' Trio! Should be a good one...I'll do a show report when I get back :))

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

And the winner is.......

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway to win a Dolly Cool fruity fakelite necklace and swallow mirror! I had 28 individual entries, and also some double entries from those who blogged about the giveaway too. I have just done the draw (In the good old fashioned way, out of a hat!)
The entries...
Michael's winter hat!
And the winner...... Rocket Originals! Thanks for your entry (and extra blog entry!) and please send me your details to so I can send you your prize :))

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Exciting flea market finds!

Today, Michael and I were up bright and early to go to our favourite Saturday flea market at Earlestown. I really miss car boots in winter - they just dont put them on where I live as the weather is too bad for them to have them in a field, and the majority of the indoor ones round here are pretty rubbish (too many market traders with new stuff) but this one is a good bet....when the weather permits!
We have been waiting to go to this for a few weekends as although its on every week of the year, it has been raining/snowing the past few weeks, so when the forecast was cold, but dry for today we were all set!
I'm so glad that we went as we got some great finds today...including quite a valuable one for a super bargain price :))
So this is what we found today....
 'Royal Vale 8374' by Ridgway Potteries 60's coffee cup - 25p (40c)
'Kon-Tiki' by Palissy - 50s milk jug, 25p (40c)
60s necklace - £1 ($1.60)
60s handbag - £1.50 ($2.40)
And....exciting find of the day.....
60s Conran Maclamp - £2 ($3.20)
Michael spotted this lamp.....we didn't even haggle on the price, we just paid it!! It was a bit grubby, but took 5 mins to clean up. This lamp was designed by Terence Conran for Habitat in the 60s, and when we checked on ebay....they sell for between £150 - £200!! ($240 - $320) eeekkk!
Its not for sale though....its for my sewing table! Very happy with todays bargain hunting :))

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today I have been mostly listening to.....

Firstly, thanks to everyone for entering my giveaway and for your nice still have until next tuesday so carry on with your entries and good luck!
I got the Imelda May album, Mayhem, yesterday. To be honest, I'm not normally a big fan of female vocalists - (about 99% of everything I own is male vocal!) - but having seen Imelda on Jools Holland and some other TV shows recently, I decided she is really good! I also like the way she comes across in interviews - she seems like a cool gal who isnt full of herself, and her voice has a really rock-y edge to it. If you like your rockabilly with a definite rock n' roll edge, this is well worth a listen:

I have also been listening to The Dodge Brothers today (UK readers may recognise the film crictic and journalist Mark Kermode, who is the Double Bassist). I Got their album, Louisa and The Devil, last year and its really good....its described as rockabilly with skiffle...its got some really upbeat numbers and some ballads...its one of my current faves! You can have a listen here:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

100 Follower giveaway!

So around Christmas, I reached my 100 follower mark! Hooray!

Thank you to everyone for reading my little ole blog - followers, bookmarkers and cyberstalkers (my parents! he he), and especially those who leave me comments (I love reading your comments!) and those who have me as one of your favorites on your blogs - all very much appreciated :)

I really enjoy blogging - it gives me a bit of a challenge to come up with things to write about, and I also love my morning ritual of eating my breakfast whilst reading through my blogroll!

I follow so many inspirational and interesting bloggers - some vintage enthusiasts, some designer makers, rockabilly gals, artitsts and crafters...the variety and worldwide spectrum of bloggers is facinating. Its my window on the world and to me far more interesting than reading a magazine or newspaper as my blogroll is tailored to what interests and inspires me personally.

As a thank you to all my readers I am going to do a giveaway...its going to be a special exclusive Dolly Cool here is what you get and what you need to do to win it....

Hands up who loves Bakelite necklaces? me me me! Hands up who can afford them.....not many! A while back after drooling over the fabulous fruit and cherry Bakelite necklaces (that I can't afford!), I decided to create my own Dolly Cool version. I sell these exclusiveley at shows that I do and they always go down really well, so that is the first prize on the giveaway...A Dolly Cool Fakelite fruity necklace:
And a close up......
The red chain measures 16" in length, but I can add an extender if you need it :)

The second thing you will win is a brand new (I have only just had these made) Dolly Cool handbag mirror, featuring my classic swallow design on a polka dot background;
The mirror measures 2" diameter, perfect for those red lipstick touch ups on the go!

So, to win all you need to do is;
1.  Leave me a comment on this post.
2. For an extra chance to win, blog about my giveaway and leave me a link in the comments
3. This giveaway is open to all, no matter where you live in the world or if you are a 'follower' or not.
4. You have one week to enter. Entries close Tuesday 25th January at Midnight UK time.
5. All entries will be put into a hat and I'll announce the winner next wednesday.
Good luck! :))

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday trip to the Antique Mill...

Today, Michael and I finally went to a little known about antique centre in East Manchester called Empire House Antiques. We were told about this place by a couple at the Tutti Frutti 50s weekender last July as somewhere that is great for period and mid century finds that only really dealers go to (even though it is open to the public). They dont even have a website - hence no link!
It did not disappoint anyway - there was so much nice stuff in a big old warehouse, with 3 floors full to the brim of furniture, fittings and home furnishings. I kept saying "I can't believe we have never been here before" seeing as we have known about it for over 6 months! (ahem!).
Cloak and dagger entrance....this is the only (small) sign to tell you where it is!
We went straight upstairs to look at the nik naks and homewear. The first booth we came to was 'Planet Vintage Girl'. This was IMO the best booth! The owner, Laura was really friendly and helpful and we had a good chat to her about her shop and all the cool stuff in it. She very kindly agreed to let me take a few photos in there;
Mmm look at all that cool stuff! Right on the top shelves you can just see folded fabric - mostly all barkcloth! She even had some Franciscan Starburst crockery (Atomic era US crockery that you can't get here!) but only saucers..although Laura did say she had a few other pieces at the other location they have...hmmmmmm...
And the outer bit of the booth with filled with mid century furniture and fabrics. There was a fabulous set of four dining chairs that were covered in atomic barkcloth (you can just see one - the green chair).
Back on the ground floor was piled sky high with all sorts of period furntiure from all eras - mainly 1900's-1970s.
Totally loved this 50s cabinet - the sliding doors had an orange and brown what looked like a 'lamp' print on and it was in great condition, and only £25. It would have gone so well in our front room but we just don't have anywhere to put it :(
Also loved this chair!
Everything was like this - all piled up could spend hours rooting!
Awesome 50s kitchenette units in original white and green colourway. There was also a sink unit and two lower cupboard sets. Argh! Need bigger house!

And loved this sunburst interior door too. There was so much good stuff I could have taken a hundred photos. We didn't buy anything today but it is somewhere where we will definetely be going every few months! Love finding hidden gems like this :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Can't believe I forgot the Aloe Vera!

In my last post regarding skincare, I can't believe I forgot my all time fave can't-live-without product! Aloe Vera Gel!

I started using this only a few years ago after seeing the effect it had on a family member who sustained a bad ankle injury. You can get it from health food stores for around £3 for a toothpaste sized tube and it can be used for anything including healing of bruises, blisters, irritated skin, sunburn, shaving niks etc. As its super pure, non greasy and clear - its great to use and know you can't see it, or that it won't stain and ruin your clothes.
The main thing I use it for is spots! It really is the best thing I have ever used - you put some Aloe Vera on them at night, and in the morning they look a million times better. And of course, its hypo allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Highly recommended!
Right, thats it on the skincare waffle for now...back to normal posts! :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Skincare & Make-Up...what I use

It was really interesting to read all your comments on my last post regarding your thoughts on ageing, skin and haircare so following on from this, I thought I'd share with you what I use as skincare and makeup.
Firstly, I do agree with Fiona at Straight Talking Mama that a lot of what happens to your skin is genetic, and with Kim at The Kim Show that wearing sunscreen is another massive influence. I also really liked what Ina at Good Rockin' Baby said on a previous post that "You should not treat your face as you do the kitchen floor" (ie. scrubbing at it!).
I do also believe that a lot of what happens to your exterior, comes from within so I don't smoke, only drink very moderately and eat healthily (most of the time!). As I said in my previous post, I know I have pretty good skin for my age - but I want to keep it that was for as long as possible! I also mentioned that I have very sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions left right and centre so I usually have to patch test anything new I try to make sure I don't come out in hives....oh the Glamour! This is what I use skincare wise;
My main moisturiser is good old Nivea Creme;
I've been using this for years. Its cheap, hypo allergenic and its been around for 100 years or so...

Some nice vintage Nivea Ads I found

Simple face wipes (and the Simple anti wrinkle eye cream I posted about yesterday). If you have sensitive skin, you cant go wrong with Simple products. 

Johnson & Johnson bodywash. PH neutral and this is the big brand name when it comes to baby stuff so I know it will be skin gentle
Another staple for years - E45. Fab as hypoallergenic moisturiser for all over.

And make-up wise, I may be a general thrifty cheapskate (!!) but I dont like cheap make-up. I don't wear loads anyway, so what I do wear, I figure its worth spending a bit more on things that are nice and good quality (apart from Nail Varnish where anything goes!) This is what I use;
Maybelline Minerals Powder foundation. I'm so glad that all this minerals stuff came out a few years ago - it really is a godsend for sensitive skin! I also hate liquid/mousse foundations so this is ideal.

Benefit Dallas powder blusher. I love Benefit! As you will see....
Benefit Brow Zings - One is a tinted wax to shape, one is a brow powder. A great kit that lasts for ages. I do like getting my brows tinted and waxed but can't be bothered all the time so this kit is great for inbetween times.

Benefit It Stick. The magical concealer! I also have used Benefit Boi-ing concealer too. Great for those pesky eyebags!

MAC eyeshadows. Nice colours and they stay put without irritation...

As do Clinique eyeshadows. I always choose soft shimmer shades in browns/bronze/gold type colours, and I also like silvery greys.
And finally Benefit Bad Gal mascara. Its a good standard mascara, its jet black and doesnt flake. So thats what I use!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hey big spender.....

This is what I bought this weekend.....another vintage initial pin brooch, as I have been wearing my other one all the time! It was the very expensive sum of $2 from Etsy! Bargain :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Leopard Collection - NEW from Dolly Cool!

As well as always on the hunt for 50s and 60s goodies, I do actually run my own business too and over Xmas I put together a new collection which I have just launched on my website today....Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...THE LEOPARD COLLECTION.
All available at Dolly Cool and all with FREE worldwide shipping :)
Punk, Rock & Trash leopard heart necklaces - £7 each  
 Leopard bone necklaces - £7 each
Leopard bone earrings - £6 per pair

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More 60's finds...

Im on a 60's roll this week! Popped out to get some mailing supplies from the £ shop and of course had to have a look in my two local charity shops along the way! I'm glad that I did as I found a great little jumper and some cool deadstock fabric;
60s short sleeve jumper - £2 (about $3)
And a close up of the pattern. Just my colours - black and red and I love the button up shoulder detail.
And 3 metres of 60s deadstock upholstry fabric, 75p (about $1) the lot!  
A perfect match for all our brown and orange homeware. Not sure quite what I am going to do with this yet...but I know it will come in useful for something :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

First thrifty finds of the year!

The other day, Michael and I had a trip into our home city Manchester for some lunch and a rummage round the many vintage and 2nd hand shops of the Northern Quarter.
First stop was lunch...we went to a small 'Curry Cafe' called Al - Faisal which had been recommended to me by a friend from my craft/creative group, Sarah.
It really does not look much from the outside - pretty nondescript really, but the food was amazing - and really cheap. We had vegi samosas to start, then a 2 veg curry (half a channa dhal, half a saag aloo) each with rice and naan and drinks, and our bill was just £10 in total. Highly recommended! For those of you who are more local - its at 58, Thomas St, directly across from The Richard Goodall Gallery in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Yum.
Although feeling (nicely) stuffed, we carried on to look round all the 2nd hand shops on Oldham Street. Michael got a cool 70s windcheater jacket for £3 and I got;

60s leather handbag - £1
60s/70s leather knee high boots, £3. These are in excellent condition - both the boot, zipper and sole are all only very gently worn. I just gave them a good clean, thoughrough spary with some febreze and got some new insoles for them and they are good to go! Very pleased with my first bargains of 2011 :)