Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kitschtastic new bag & vendor belt!

Remember how last month I blogged about a really kitsch fabric that I had found that I wanted made into a bag and vendor belt?

Here it is - I love this fabric so much. The photo does not do it justice. Its so bright and pop-art like - really kitsch!
Well, crafting buddy Jen (Stitch Me Lane fabrics) kindly made me this amazing bag - complete with spotty straps and lining;
wow wow wow!
AND - this fabulous vendor belt for when I trade at shows;
I've alreday used my vendor belt twice now. Both times I had offers to buy it as they loved the print so much!
Next on my project list is this amazing B Movie Fabric I found;
I'm waiting for it to arrive from the this space.....
P.S - Happy Halloween!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Inside my home - Part 3

Looking back through some older posts - I realised that I showed you the downstairs of my house - but forgot the upstairs - oops. This was partly because I was waiting until it was tidy until I took photos - but thats never going to happen as our bedroom is kind of my work room too, so you can see it mess and all!
Up the stairs. We have very steep stairs as our ceilings are really high (old house built 1908). The banister fell off within a few weeks of us moving in , but you know how it is, and we didn't get round to replacing it. 7 years later, I'm so used to running up and down stairs all the time now, I dont even notice how steep they are. Its only when we have visitors and they are clutching the sides of the walls that I remember!!
Snow scene painting at the top of the stairs by Michael's dad.
In our room. My beloved 50s vanity - complete with my 50s pifco hairdryer - still going strong folks with daily use! And my vintage & retro handbag collection.
My Sewing area. 50s table, 60s chair, 60's/70s curtains and 80s sewing machine!

Wardrobe snapshot. Its a bit full!
I liked patterend clothes in red, pink and black. Can you tell?
And finally the bathroom. Nothing vintage in here - all modern! As well as vintage stuff, I also love kawaii things too, so thats how the bathroom is done. Thankfully Michael is in touch with his masculinity and does not mind the spotty bath mat and towels, rubber ducks, fish shaped radio and Hello Kitty shower curtain!
I love this curtain. Bought from Hong Kong Ebay as none to be found in the UK.

Quack Quack! Sailor and Pirate Rubber Duckies!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dolly Cool Fan Page now on Facebook

Just to let you know that I have finally joined the 21st Century and created a Facebook Fan Page for Dolly Cool. If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest products, offers and giveaways, please feel free to 'like' my fan page. Thanks! :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

This Weekends Retro buys

As the car boot season finishes where I live end of September (too cold/wet!), I haven't had many vintage buys recently to share with you - boo. I decided on Saturday to resolve this by going charity shopping with Michael! He got some clothes, and we also a few bits for our house;
60's Teak mirror in mint condition, still with original price tag attached - 10/6. This is obviously pre-decimalisation (Old currency used in the UK pre-1971) so not sure if its Ten Pounds and 6 Shillings or 10 Shillings and 6 pence. This is also the amount that is on the Mad Hatters Hat in Alice in Wonderland!
We paid £3 for it anyway, and its now in our front room....

Mirror in situ above the fireplace

We also found this 60's teak shadowbox frame - £2.
Its pretty big so not easy to photo well.

There was hideous picture in the frame, which Michael has removed and replaced with a fine hessian. He is going to do a painting in a 50's/60's modernist style to go in the frame, which we will hang in out room above my 50s vanity.

And although not from a charity shop- these are my new retro fairisle slipper socks! (£3 from Primark)
Very fetching eh?! They are thick woolly things with a furry lining and rubber grips on the bottom. Perfect winter 'workwear' for me (!), and ideal timing as its -2C here this morning! Brr!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Exciting Mail = My lovely new MAC lipstick :)

A few weeks ago, I entered a blog giveaway hosted by the lovely Tara at Betty's Vintage Musings. The prize was a MAC Pro Longcreme Lipcreme in a lovely vintage shade of Red. I was so pleased a few days later when Tara announced on her blog that I had won :))) Yippeee!
So, it was great to come home today, after my crappy week (see earlier Dire Domestics post!) and find that my lipstick had arrived.

Ta da! Here it is!
I have been following Tara's blog for over 6 months now, and I always enjoy her posts. Not only does she dress vintage every single day, but this lady knows her make up! The product reviews are great. And after wearing this lipstick, I can totally see why she raves about it. I have never had a MAC lipstick before (I do use their eyeshadows and pencils though), and I have to say this may have converted me. The consistancy is lovely - really rich and creamy, and didn't dry out, feather or bleed over the few hours I was wearing it.
I also love the colour, its really nice and I honestly could not have chosen better myself. So, this post is for you Tara - THANK YOU! I love it :)

Dire Domestics!

Apologies for lack of posts this week folks, but I have had a bit of a domestic horror of a week, so was a bit fed up and didn't feel like blogging. Here are this weeks mishaps(!)....

1. Washed (black) cardigan with 3% angora in washing machine with a full black load. The entire wash looked like I'd washed 10 white rabbits in there when it came out. I spent an hour spent de-fluffing the said wash. Grr. The cardigan is now in a bag for the charity shop!

2. Our combi boiler broke. No heating or hot water and it was (unsuprsingly) expensive to fix - *humpf*

3. Our vacuum cleaner also broke, on the same day as the heating. Deepest Joy all round!  My friend Jo very kindly donated us her old one however, so not too bad. Thanks Jo! :)

4. Not strictly domestic, but while visiting my parents today, I came out to find my car had a flat tyre. Cue dad pumping up tyre with a foot pump in the rain for me - Thanks Dad! :)

So that was my crappy week! I felt better when I got home though and had some interesting mail.....

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Brand New Dolly Cool Sugar Skull Patches

I have been super busy this week making orders and coming up with more new designs to add to the Dolly Cool range. I have just finished sewing out my new Sugar Skull Patches, which have turned out well and I'm really happy with :) So far I have made them in hot pink, but will be adding more colours to the range soon!
You can buy them here: Sugar Skull Patches.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vintage Tattoo Flash buys

It won't suprise you to hear that one of my passions is vintage tattoo flash. I spend most of my days designing/making tattoo inspired jewellery and accessories, and drawing this type of imagery for print graphics. The grand master of course is Sailor Jerry aka Norman Collins, one of the greatest and most well respected 'old School' tattooists there ever was.

 I love the colours in his work and the subject matter and detailing. I could rattle on about all the tattoos that I love and why for hours - but I wont bore you! I like sailor stuff mainly - Swallows, Ships and Anchors. They have a great range of Sailor jerry print clothing and accessories on the Sailor Jerry website, some of which I purchased last week, and am waiting for it to arrive from the US. This is what I got - all in the sale of course!
Seven Seas Dress $18. Love the Clippers round the bottom!

Homeward bound Tee - $14

Cherry Tee - $10
I also bought a few other tattoo related bits off Ebay, which came this week;
Alchemy Gothic UL13 Love/Hate Pewter & Enamel ring - £13
It actually looks nicer than the photo - its super shiny!

And these gloves by Hollywood Glamour, which came to the UK from California USA in only 5 days! An absolute steal at $3.99
Anyone who loves vintage tattoo flash - if you don't own it already - I highly recommend this book;
                                      Vintage Tattoos by Carol Clark - around £10 from Amazon.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Bolton Beer Festival

Last night Michael and I went to the Bolton Beer Festival with our friends Jo and Mark. The Beer Festival is an annual event that raises lots of money for a local childrens charity - and a good excuse to go out and have a few drinks! You pay to go in and are given a Beer Festival glass, and programme, which has all the different beers you can try.
The beers are all given names by the breweries - some funny ones such as Wobbly Bob, Texas Frogspawn Massacre, Bad To The Bone and (ahem) Cunning Stunt!
You also get a description of what is in it, so you can half guess if its going to be nice or not. For those not familiar with British Real Ale, the dark (strong!) beers usually taste vile (to my palette anyway!) and give you a really bad head in the morning, so I steer clear of those!
I tried the fruit beers - Cherry and Passionfruit, and my fave from the regular ales was the Fairtrade Ginger Pale Ale. It had a really gingery taste - like ginger beer, yum - I love ginger! I had a few of those :)

                                                        Me and Jo with our Ginger Beers!
The Beer Festival as well as having lots of beers to try, also puts on entertainment. We had Rhythm and Blues man , Jerome McMurray, singing everything from Chuck Berry to Bob Marley!

As you can imagine, its hard not to get a bit merry! Here is Jo's husband Mark with a bottle of some hideous strong beer called KWAK!
                                     And heres a photo of us all at the end of the night!
      I feel suprisingly well today considering - but glad that I didnt have any more to drink than I did!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Craft Swop!

This morning I received some fun post! It was my craft swop with fellow creative gal, Lynsey. I met Lynsey at the local FUSE crafters group and she makes all sorts of cool stuff, made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials, which you can see in her Etsy shop, Swirlyarts.
We swopped a set of my Love/Hate patches:

For one of Lynseys Cheeky Chicken Door Stops!

                        Here he is, specially made just for me in matching vintage fabric to my dining table :))
Lynsey also gets top marks as not only does she made cool recycled eco friendly goodies, but she drives a bright yellow VW Camper Van, and went to Alabama, USA especially so she could go mega thrift store shopping. Thats dedication!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Shrugs for men?!

Had to share this one! Got a LIDL leaflet through the door today - German value supermarket that also sells other household bits and bobs. They sometimes have very random things in the leaflets and this was one of them......

A delightful "UNISEX" shoulder warmer. Hmmmm do you know any men that would wear this nice fluffy angora shrug? I don't think I will be getting Michael one for Christmas anyway!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Autumnal Walk

Michael and I finally managed to get out for an autumnal walk today. The weather was freakishly warm and dry for this time of year, and where I live, you have to make the most of good weather when you get it as it doesn't stay like that for long!
Michael has a good camera and has recently got into photography, so he was busy taking lots of pictures today. We went to a local beauty spot called The Jumbles.
Crunch Crunch - stomping through the leaves!

Michael wanders down this lovely leafy path

The Jumbles Reservoir. This looks like high summer, not October!

Michael taking sunny reflection pictures

Oak leaves turning colour

And you have to have a pit stop don't you? We shunned the super busy cafe, found a nice quiet bench overlooking the reservoir and took our own flask of coffee and some retro biscuits! Good old Blue Ribands! (Nestle's oldest biscuits, launched in 1936 and still going strong!)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day of The Dead Rings

I've been busy in the Dolly Cool studios (ok, my kitchen table!) this week making some new goodies for my website. The things I'm most happy with are the 3D Sugar Skull rings that I have made.
Being into, and designing for the alternative/rockabilly/punk market, I am often asked to draw sugar skulls and create things with them on. I love the whole history and tradition behind Día de los Muertos, celebrated on November 2nd in Mexico. What a great way to remember departed loved ones, a big carnival style party with lots of bright colours and a happy vibe!
So here they are....
New Dolly Cool Sugar Skull Rings. Clay base with sparkly swarovski crystal eyes.
All one of a kind - hand painted, varnished and finished by me :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tired Eyes = Vintage Buys!

This week I have been drawing, or on the computer pretty much non stop as I'm having a designing spree - so that means tired eyes!
I decided I needed to go out a nd get some fresh air and give my eyes a rest, so had a stroll down to the local shops. Picked up this months Elle, as has a free Clinique Superbalm with it (see previous post), and I popped in my fave charity shop.
Straight over to the homeware shelves is my first port of call, and I was really pleased to find these cool & kitsch set of 4 60's milk glass mugs - £1.59 the set:
They are actually large size mugs too - not little kiddie ones, so can be used for hot drinks right away.
Hooray for tired eyes! ;)

Free Clinique Superbalm

I am a free make-up magpie - especially if its a top quality product! I knew that Elle Magazine were giving away a Clinique Superbalm Gloss free with the November issue - out today - so just got my copy and my free Superbalm. I love this stuff, but as its normally around £10 a tube I don't buy it really as my self employed budget does not stretch to expensive make-up most of the time!

Its available in one shade only, 09 Currant.
(Only available in the UK I'm afraid international readers :(  - boo!)