Saturday, 25 September 2010

My Saturday - Thrifting, Fabric & Pie!

This morning I got up bright and early - the sun was shining (for once!) and I was going car booting with my crafting buddy, Jen. It was quite small, but we had a good rummage and I got a fab vintage necklace for 50p;
Jen however won 'find of the day' with 2 Knight Rider annuals from 1982 for 25p each! - Don't Hassle the Hoff!
After the car boot, we went back to Jen's for a coffee, and a rummage through her fabric stash. As I've mentioned on earlier posts, Jen gets hold of really cool unusual fabrics that she sells in her online Folksy shop; Stitch Me Lane
I wanted some offcuts for a new Dolly Cool project that I'm doing....product shots to follow when I've made them..........This is what I bought;
Lots of Day of the dead, some super cute owl print, skulls, cowboy, cherry pie, polka dots and American road trip fabric - cool!
This afternoon I went to my sisters house for tea and cake. This week we had Key Lime Pie...
Which was delicious! :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I ♥ Alexander Henry!

Oh I do love fabric!  One of my goals within the next year or so, is to take sewing classes so I can make proper garments for myself. I always see amazing fabrics and wish..Hmm if only I could have a dress/skirt in that. I have bought a few simple vintage patterns, but have yet been a bit chicken to give them a go!
Luckily, my friend Jen from craft group is pretty good on the sewing machine so she makes some things for me (remember my fab reversible circle skirt? - Jen made that!).
I love in particular Alexander Henry fabrics. They are just fab colours, designs and really suitable for clothing or homeware designs. Some of my fave include;
I love anything Day of The Dead. His range of DOTD fabrics is huge. Love them all!
Cool Hawaiian pin up girl fabric
Love this halloween print!
The classic tattoo print. I have a skirt in this one.
And last, my new favorite;
This is just the coolest fabric! If I were younger, I would have a skirt or dress in this for sure! I'm just about to comission Jen to make me a bag, and a vendor belt (for when I trade at shows - 'bum bags' are sooo not cool!). Can't wait. I'll update some pics when its done.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Autumn hits, and a new rug!

I dont know about you but I always feel as though autumn hits really fast. Spring leads into Summer gradually, but all of a sudden the last week....its gone really cold!
I have been very organised and put away all my summer clothes, and got out all my cardigans, jumpers, long sleeve tops and tights. All my open toe canvas ballerina pumps, and hessian wedges have also been put away and I have unpacked my boots ready for the new season. I also did a little bit of shopping on Saturday to replace tired and old bobbly items from last year. I got some new tights;
Some bow pattern, and some heart pattern
I also treated myself to a new pair of boots from Swedish brand  Cheapo - on sale at only £10 ($15)
Todays plan was to go for a nice autumnal walk with Michael, so he could take some photos. This didn't happen however as it has been torrential rain all day - boo :(
Never mind - we treated ourselves to a new retro rug for the front room instead in very autumnal orange!

Our new rug. A steal at £15 ($23) from German value supermarket Lidl.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Too Fast Fall collection

For my newer readers - as well as running my own business, Dolly Cool, I also do some freelance design work and one of my clients is US alternative brand, Too Fast. They have just released the Fall/Winter collection and so I thought I'd share with you some of the designs that I have done for them...
All photos are copyright and are used with permission from Too Fast;

Punky Cameo and Rosary inspired necklaces  

Scarves and hats

Fingerless gloves - the zombie hands are my fave!

Kids tees with my 'rotton sweet tooth' print and 'zombie tattoo print' 

And the adult versions!
And here are snippits of the actual prints as you can't see it so well on the model pics;

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Apples, Storks & Swallows!

I have bought a few nice things this week, so I thought I'd share them with you....
Firstly...the Apples...

Vintage polka dot apple fabric - 50p (about 80c). I found this in a basket of fabric at my local Hospice charity shop. There is about 1.5 metres, so enough to make a skirt with :)
The Stork....
Stork Embroidery Scissors - $3 Etsy. You can never have too many embroidery scissors and I love these ones, and a great bargain too.
And the Swallows.....
Swallow and polka jacquard cardigan - £19.99 (about $30) from Spanish chain store, Zara.
Im a sucker for anything with polka dots and swallows, so polka dots with swallows was a dead cert buy!


Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments on my New Zealand rip off merchant!
As I mentioned on my earlier post, I contacted the Trade Me site to complain and received the following reply;

"Hi Clare, thanks for contacting us.
I am the Liaison Officer for our Trust and Safety team and I specialize in working with brands or their representatives to help them to protect their intellectual property on our site.
I have removed the reference to your brand from the below listing and sent a warning to the seller.
Please feel free to contact me directly on this email address if you have any further concerns"

So, the issue has been resolved and I am happy :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As im sure any small business/label does - I often 'Google' Dolly Cool to see if I have been mentioned anywhere. So, I was doing just this tonight when I came upon this listing on 'Trade Me' a Kiwi only selling site;
"Dolly Cool Brand" earrings. Hmmmm. These are NOT mine! And no, it wasn't just a coincidence with the name, as the seller had the cheek to use MY LOGO as one of the photos on her listing!
It is not actual the logo I use on my website - it is the heading off this blog! Grrr! So angry!
I have contacted the 'Trade Me' sites complaints department, and have reported this as an inappropriate listing and have requested that they remove the listing and contact the seller to tell them they can't use my name or logo to sell their products.
As the seller got the logo off this blog, I really hope that it is not one of my readers who did this. For the record - it is NOT OK to steal someones brand, and it is certainly NOT OK to use MY brand logo and MY brand name to try and sell your products!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bakelite gamble

This week I took a Bakelite gamble! I saw a bangle listed on Ebay which was lovely and chunky - 1/4 inch thick walls and 1" wide, and described as "Art Deco Early Plastic Vintage Bakelite?? Bangle". The description said that it was heavy, and looked like bakelite but the seller wasnt sure. There were a few good close up photos and to me, it looked like Bakelite, so I chanced it. The price? - £8.00 (about $12) buy it now. I know from looking a lot at bangles that the 1" wide chunky ones go for anything from £40 to £100 on Ebay (and $60-$120 on Etsy), so if it was Bakelite, I was getting a great arrived this morning and I tested it straight away and YAY! it IS Bakelite...super happy! :) :) :)
Here is my new bangle!
And in the middle of my other Bakelite. Arm getting heavy now ;)
I am still after some carved bangles, but they are just tooooooo expensive for skinflinty me. The quest continues!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Thrifty shopping

You may have noted a lack of 'find' posts recently...this is becuase of a few reasons....
1) No car boots for the past few weeks as have been cancelled due to dire weather!
2) I have not had time to go charity shopping due to being busy with Dolly Cool orders and the big show that I just did last weekend.
I'm getting back on track now and met my mum in town for lunch and some serious charity shop scouring earlier today and this is what I found.....
50's dandy cord planter - £2 (about $3) I've wanted one of these for ages - so super happy at this find :)
60's necklace - 25p (about 40c)
Black and white polka wrap dress - £1 (about $1.50)
Red leather bag with cream piping (mint condition, looks like never been used!) - £2 ($3). This is quite a
good size too so good for shopping or weekends. 
And this super cute Sailor Duck (Brand new in box) - £1 ($1.50). He is now a bathroom friend for my pirate
Really happy with todays finds, and I've got another thrifty shopping trip planned on saturday with my sister :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Kustom Kulture Blast Off - Show report

Firstly, thanks to everyone who left me a nice well wishing comment on my pre-show post :)
Well....I survived Kustom Kulture Blast Off in one piece and here is my show report....
I set off after lunch on friday and thankfully the weather was really nice so I made it down to Grantham to pick up my friends (and stand buddies) Kate and Nicola who had travelled up from London. We then headed on down to Spalding and to the event site. We caused great amusement upon our arrival as I think people were suprised at quite how much stuff was in Graham (my pink car!). It was described as a Tardis as we managed to fit 3 people, 2 tents and bedding and all our stand fixtures and stock!
Graham with our tents!
Next was going to set up the stand.....thank goodness we had until 10pm to set up. It took us this long to faff
around and get it all in place!  
From left; Kate with her pyrography 'tattooed wood' art, Nicola and I.
And me with my goodies!
Not much was going on friday so we had a few spiced rum and gingers in the tent and had an early night. Not that I got much sleep mind. I was freezing, and some "kind" exhibitor who arrived in the early hours of the morning in a caravan , decided to leave their generator on all night - argh! I was up at 6am to have a
shower after about 1 hours sleep! This is the beautiful sunrise I saw.......
and yes, I was the only person up at 6am having a shower!
So, off to the stand and on with the show! Things were a bit slow to start but it got going early afternoon and I had a good first day. Sat night was the exhibitor party and as it was a nice night, we sat outside and had a few drinks. Thankfully I slept much better the second night. Nothing to do with the rum of course.......
Day two was again, a bit slow to start, but was nice and sunny and picked up in the afternoon. I went for a
wander and took some photos of some of the stripers at work on the panel jam:
Famous American striper Joey Finz striping a mini coffin trinket box for Kate. They did an art trade and Joey's wife chose some of Kate's art in return.
And some super cool cars. Here are some of my 'best in show'....
A punk with a huge black and blonde quiff mohawk owned this matt black number. I saw him dusting it with a huge feather duster on Sunday morning, a funny sight (didn't have my camera to hand!)
Remember my lovely blue patent leather vintage bag that I picked up a few weeks back for 30p from a car
Well, we were camped next to the lovely (and talented) Jane of Sweet Jane Pinstriping who I asked to stripe my bag....
Jane in action!
My finished bag. I LOVE it!
Kate and I with our striped bags :))
All in all, it was a great show considering that it was the first one that had been put on. We were lucky with the weather, everyone we spoke to was really nice, and I had good sales so I came home happy. I gave myself a much needed day off today to recover. No making, no computer, just me, lots of cups of tea and my book :)