Friday, 30 July 2010

Inside my home - Part 1

A few other bloggers have recently done 'inside my home' posts - so I thought I'd share mine with you. Today is my kitchen. I spend the majority of my time in my kitchen, as it doubles up as my work room. I like to work in there as its light, bright and I'm only next door to the computer, and to outside.
My house was built in 1908. I live in a terraced  house, which has a garden at the back and nice high ceilings. Even though it may be small in floor area - the high ceilings really make a big difference to the feel - it feels bigger than what it is. It was bought by a builder before we bought it, and it was completely gutted and renovated. Not that I minded that. They did it quite plain, so it was good to make our own. Michael and I both love mid century furnishing, so we have quite  few pieces, but we also like modern stuff too. I like the mixture of the old and new in our home.
So, here is the view I see when I walk into my kitchen....
'Scuse the mess - I was mid jewelling!
I like my blue and yellow tiles - already in when we bought the house - and we painted the kitchen yellow as it was originally blue.
This is an original 60s bread bin. One of our first purchases when we moved in nearly 7 years ago. I use my 2 tier cake stand as a fruit bowl, and the cupcake trinket bowl is our butter dish! I love Alessi stuff, so thats where the kitchen roll holder (rabbit with carrot) and the little pink man hanging in the jar is from.
The home for orphaned vintage glasses. I dont think we have a matching pair! I love them all. We have more than this too, but some are put away for when we smash one :(
Repro kitchen towels - The donut one is from an Australian dollar shop - sent to me as a present by a friend. The 70s mushroom one is from Urban Outfitters in NYC - also a gift.
This is above the sink. The original 50s spice rack was still in its original cellophane packet and was 10p from a car boot years ago. The gocco art print is from Apak Studio - I have a few different ones by this
artist, I love them. 
My fave 60s cooking dish and plate
My moomin mugs. I love the moomins! These are my pride and joy. Michael is under strict instruction not to stack them more than 2 high.....most were gifts, but I bought myself the orange hattyfatteners mug from
Moomin World in Helsinki airport. I was like a kid in a sweet shop!
The other side of my kitchen. Repro atomic clock, 50s style hot dog sign, and another Apak Studio print. The funny clown thing is a 60s kids toy, my pink cadillac toy car and Alessi egg cup sit on our microwave.
This is the view from our kitchen window. Note rubbish raining British weather! Its been like this for weeks
now - boo :(
And I saved the best until last. Our original 60s Habitat dining table and chairs. This is my favorite vintage thing I own bar none. We got it in our local Salvation Army for £20 about 3 years ago. It was a mess  - I spent hours cleaning it, and it needed to be re-upholstered. I managed to find some original 60s deadstock fabric that matched pretty well for the chair seats and cushions.
So thats my kitchen.....I'll be doing other bits and bobs of my house sometime soon....

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Marathon Memories

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of when I ran the San Fransisco Marathon - How time flies!
So, you may be asking...why on earth did I run the SF marathon when
1. I live in England and its half way across the other side of the world and
2. It has MASSIVE hills!
Well, I have been running on and off since my sister Jan got me into it when I was 19. I then got one of my best buddies and life-long exercise partner, Jo into it as a break from the gym about 6 years ago, and after doing some 10k runs, then 1/2 marathons, we decided that we should run a marathon! I knew it was going to be really hard work - neither of us are natural atheletes - but we both have strong willpower, which is a definite must when marathon training. We wanted to do a 'biggie' but London and NYC are always sell outs and you have to go ona waiting list for a few years to get a place. So, we looked at places that had marathons that were big, but not ridiculous and SF came up. So we booked it! (The promise of a holiday as a reward was also a big factor too of course!).
Without waffling on, it took us 6 months of 3 times a week progressivly longer runs. We had blisters, vomiting, runs in the pouring rain and freezing cold, tears (me!), and deer jumping out on us - but we did every training run, bar about 2 I think. It certainly paid off.....we did the run on the day with no problems, and no are a few pics.....I stole a few of these off your FB Jo :) .....
This was taken at about 5am....we started at about 5.20am. They do that so its not too hot..Jo looks radiant,
I was jittery....
Taken at Mile 6. We were running over the Golden Gate Bridge - in the rain! This was about 6.30am
And mile 22. I was a bit fed up at this point. Jo's hubby Mark took the photo. Mark & Michael were on our cheer squad. They took a bus to all the cheer points and waved our Union Jack Flag and rang cow bells for
us whenever we were running by the cheer points!
The finish! You cannot understand how utterly elated I was at this point. Mark filmed me skipping and dancing over the finish line! I think I was a bit delerious....
Confirmed by this photo. The end. 5:14:17. Just a *teensy bit* pleased :)
We went on to have the best holiday ever. My legs were killing me the next day but we still manged to walk up lots of SF hills! The day after I was fine again. I loved SF. I want to go back again sometime. The thrift shopping in Haight Ashbury, fab houses, beautiful scenery and a visit to the Tonga Rooms Tiki bar. This is in the basement of a v. posh hotel called The Fairmont. Its been there for years and is very cool. We had all you can eat buffet for $5/head and happy Hour cocktails. All this while there is fake thunder and lightning,
and it 'rains' in the indoor lake!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pinstriped Purses

As Kustom Kulture Blast Off (The Hot Rod/Striping/Tiki/Rockabilly show I'm trading at) draws nearer...only 5 weeks away...eeeeekkkk!!... I am thinking more and more about getting myself a pinstriped bag (purse).
After all, this would be the best place to get one with so many talented stripers under one roof. Ive collected a few images off the internet of the kind of things that I like....

Nice arn't they? I think I am going to get a black vintage bag and take it with me. I particularly like the top two black bags with the carry handles, so probably something like that with red and cream striping. I dont have a stripe idea in mind - I shall leave that to the artist.
I like the work of  British striper, Melissa Gee, who is the striper who also did the pinstriped wedges for
Rocket Originals........
Argh..jsut seen this lovely sweater on Rocket Originals when I was looking for that pic:
I want it! Hmmm maybe I will get one at Rhythm Riot later this year....I digress...
Melissa also did these cool bags....

Another striper going to KKBO is Sweet Jane. I dont know all that much about her, but I like her stuff too!
Decisions, decisions! If anyone else loves pinstriping (and you don't already have this book) then you should
get a copy of Pinstripe Planet...
And Pinstripe Planet 2! Both showcase the best stripers in the world...awesome.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Great British Puddings!

This is a complete random post, but the thing I love about reading blogs is that you get to have an insight into what others around the world are doing, seeing, collecting, stuff they have in their homes and eating!
I thought I would do a post on some of the fabulous cakes and desserts that we have in the UK.
One of my great loves is cake... so much so that I have one tattooed on my stomach..
The UK is the home of stodgy carb loaded puddings -Atkins devotees stop reading now- but I just love them all, as its what I was brought up with. As a kid, you would often get the following as a dessert after
your lunch at school....
Bread and Butter Pudding. You use up day old bread, mix together egg with cinnamon and currants and then
bake in the oven....yummy. Even better with custard!
Jam Roly-Poly and custard. A suet base dough filled with Jam (Jelly for US readers) and rolled up and
baked. Served hot with custard.....
Spotted Dick and Custard. A suet sponge cake with currants and spices....yes, once again served with custard!
I dont think you get stuff like this in schools anymore. They are all on a health kick (rightly so!) and the kids now probably get a piece of fruit instead. I'm glad I got the puddings!
Some other of my fave UK cake products include....
Bakewell Tarts. I mentioned these a few weeks ago.....mmmmm....pastry shell filled with jam, almond flavor
sponge cake and topped with icing and a cherry on top :)
Fondant Fancies. Little sponge cakes with flavoured icing and a blob of buttercream inside. AND they
look pretty!
Battenberg. Pink and yellow squares of sponge, wrapped in marzipan. Looks and takes scrummy!
And finally...not a dessert as such, but these are the best biscuits ever! Party Rings. Created by Fox's biscuits in 1983 - which you can tell by the colours!  They are super crunchy and look soooooo pretty.
I am now salivating and want a pudding! I don't have them all that much anymore as I am a pretty healthy eater, and I go running too, but they are a must as a special treat!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tutti Frutti 50s Fest - Buys

So I thought I'd do our shopping on a seperate post....we did rather well!
First off was at a Charity shop that was near to the antiques centre..yes its another vintage glass!  On its own of course! Another orphan for the vintage glass refuge.....
I've only seen these space print glasses in books, so was thrilled to find it for 20p!
Then we went to the antiques centre and bought...
50's formica dining table - £15. It is in mint condition. The top is cream flecked with red, and the sides are
red flecked with black. This is my new sewing table!
We also picked up this 60's wooden bird sculpture for £4. Again, seen these in books, but never come across one at a car boot/charity shop. For an auction centre, the prices were really quite fair.
Next day when I was setting up my stall, there was another stall holder putting out some of his surplus we snapped up this 50s magazine rack off him for just £3. He had a wicked 50s woven nylon
chair in yellow and black similar to this..

He was practically giving it away, but we have no room for it :(
This morning on the way home, we went to a car boot in Morcambe where I picked up some vinatge bags to revamp, and also this lovely 60's Norwegian little pot (I'm going to use it as a trinket box for earrings):
Nice! And the bargainus price of 50p. I also picked up this oval shaped lucite bagle for 20p:
So thats my weekend. I am sooo tired now!

Tutti Frutti 50s Fest - Saturday

We woke up on Saturday to a very different was grey and overcast - boo :(
I did know it was supposed to be like this, but you always hope that the weather forecast people have it wrong don't you?!
Anyway, I was having my stall at the daytime event - so it was onwards and upwards and time to get ready. Michael took this B&W of me doing my hair...
And so off to the venue and time to set up stall...
Wearing my new M&S cardi! Not raining at this far so good...
Stall set up and ready for business! I know I have my eyes shut on the pic, but this is the only one so it had to do! I managed  to trade for about 2.5 hours, with a short drizzle shower imbetween. Then, well, it started
throwing it down... 
Me with a big sad face! Thank goodness I had my emergency *waterproof* cover! I actually had to pack up my stuff underneath the cover so It didnt get wet. Nightmare! Oh well, Half a days sales are better than none! Michael took photo of the abandoned deckchairs blown inside out!
The rain just carried on all day and night then. It was really heavy at night. So bad that we went to the night
venue in the car, and I didn't drink. We still had a good time though. Tonights band were the Jive Romeros, who were excellent....
And all the strollers...
There was a raffle on, so I bought £1 worth of tickets. I never normally ever win anything - so I was really pleased when my ticket was pulled and I won this fab patent leather vintage bag:
Which also had in it a matching coin purse and vintage sunglasses - was very pleased :)
A great end to a soggy - but fun - day.