Tuesday, 28 December 2010

50s handknit jumper

A few months ago, I picked up a 50s knitting pattern from a charity shop for 10p and gave it to my sister Elaine (who is a keen knitter) to make me it as my Chrsitmas gift. I posted a photo of it a few days ago on my presents post - but laid flat you cant see how it looks so I thought I'd show you what it looks like on.
This was taken yeterday when we went round to Elaines with all my family for a meal;
Vintage pattern - 10p
Me in my jumper! High waisted Cherry Skirt from Collectif. Vintage bangles, brooch, earrings and glasses.
I really like the jumper - even though its short sleeved and 'holey' it was actually really warm. I've asked for another in red for my birthday!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

My lovely gifts

So, another Christmas day has been and gone! I had a lovely relaxing day with my family and thought I'd share with you some of the lovely gifts I was given yesterday...
This is my favourite :))...Sterling Silver sugar skull handmade ring - from Michael

Bright red leather gloves with bows from my friend Alison

Woodburned necklace - hand made by my friend Kate

Bright red cashmere cardigan from my parents

Super cute slippers with pom poms from my friend Jo

Spotty Doileys from my friend Emma

Vegas post it Notes from my sister, Elaine

Hand knitted jumper from an original 50s pattern - from my sister Elaine. The photo doesn't do it justice...I will take a photo of me wearing it tomorrow!
Cath Kidston bone china mug - also from my sister Elaine
For those celebrating Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely day :))

Friday, 24 December 2010

When you first took my hand on a cold Christmas eve....

This is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs -enjoy!
Also, not that I'm a mushy sort - but I met Michael on Christmas Eve 11 years ago...so it kind of reminds me of that too :))
Have a great Xmas eve and Xmas Day everyone! x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vintage plates - FOUND! and 100 Followers - WOO!

Hello and Merry Christmas eve eve! Just logged on to see that I'm on 100 followers so thank you all for reading my blog :)
Well, I blogged only last week how I often looked for 50s and 60s plates when car booting/junk/charity shopping and never found any...well....I went Charity shopping yesterday in my local town, and found 6 vintage plates! hooray!
The best places for vintage crockery are always the Salvation Army, and Hospice shops (where I got my plates from). Morbid as it is, these are the places that do the house clearances, or get stuff left to them when people pass on...and obviously these are the homes that the 50s and 60s stuff comes from that people have had stashed away for years. I like to think that they would be happy that their old crockery was being put to good use again :)
Anyway....enought waffle...here they are;
Ironware by Biltons of Staffordshire. Hand painted 1960s - 50p Salvation Army

Milkware - Made in England 1960s. I got 2 dinner plates and 2 side plates in this design for £1.50 the lot
Milkware - Made in England 1960s - 50p
I shall be serving my Xmas Eve guests their evening meal on these!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Exciting Mail! - Acorn & Will and Korero Day of The Dead Book

As many of you will know,the UK has been hit with Arctic winds this weekend, bringing with it heavy snow and sub zero temperatures (currently -8 deg C where I live, Brr!)
This has obviously affected the postal deliveries, at an already really busy time. I got no post on Friday or Saturday, so was really happy when I got 7 packages through today :))
Most are supplies for work, but I did get some fun things too...
Firstly, The Day Of The Dead book from Korero books.
I saw this on the 'coming soon' page about 6 months ago and have been waiting, waiting, waiting for it to be published! Yak from Korero was supposed to be having a stall at Kustom Kristmas (the fair I did in London a few weeks ago), but because of bad weather, he couldn't make it. He'd just had the delivery of these books in too and I was dying to get one! Anyway, I ordered it online and FINALLY have it. Had a quick look through and it was worth the wait. For those who don't know - Korero is a UK independent publisher of alternative Kustom fine art, photography and design books. I have a few of them now and they really are something else.
I also got my order from online UK store Acorn & Will. I found out about Acorn & Will last weekend when reading Sue from retro greeting card company Pennychoo's blog.
They sell tons of whimsical vinatge and vintage inspired trinkets, homeware, jewellery and decorations - all at super value prices. Ticks my boxes! I bought..
Jarvis Scotty Brooch in Black - £3.75
and Mabel Swallow Brooch in Red - £3.75.
They came beautifully wrapped and with a lovely personalised note too.
The Scotty Brooch especially looks very Bakelite-ish and I love them. What a bargain! :))
Just waiting for a few more things to arrive before Xmas so fingers crossed!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mid Century Crockery - Homemaker Bargain!

As some of you may know, amongst other Mid Century home goodies that I like to collect, I have a rather nice vintage glassware collection. After a good few years of scoring boot sales , junk shops and charity shops we now have plenty and so I'm turning to building up our crockery collection.
I always have a good look for "useable" crockery at the boot sales/junk/charity shops - by useable, I mean plates and bowls. Tiny house = no storage space and no room for unused items!
I see so many really nice Mid Century coffee sets in fabulous patterns in great condition - but they are not practical to buy, so they stay in the shop. Over the years I have picked up some cool crockery bits like some Midwinter 'Sienna' bowls;
And some Myott 'Malaga' plates:
But to be honest - I never really see any nice vintage plates and bowls around. Im not even bothered about a set - bits and pieces would do but they are so hard to find! So, I turned to Ebay and got myself a brilliant bargain this week....
Some Iconic Ridgway 'Homemaker' plates. I love this design. For one - its a British design. It was created in 1957 by Enid Seeney for Ridgway and it was sold exclusively in Woolworths (RIP) for just 2 and a half pence a piece. They are obviously collectable and if you ever do see them in antique shops, they are about £10-£15 for just ONE dinner plate. I managed to get 6 plates (2 dinner, 3 side and 1 saucer) for just £11 the lot. The auction finished at a really random time so I didnt have much competition for my bids - hooray! Can't wait for them to arrive :))
I also love this range - Franciscan Starbust. Sadly - only available in the US. All of it is amazing, the pattern, the shapes of the crockery. I'd love some of it but shipping is too high and it would probably arrive in bits!
And some other lovelies I found online...This Autumn set is fab
As are these starbust serving plates
And these amazing plates - again US - Boo.
The hunt continues!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Super Bargain Coat :D

Today I got the best bargain! I popped out to get my car headlight bulb changed this morning, and it was next door to a supermarket - so I popped in while they changed the bulb for a quick look at the coats. I have been after a new coat for a while, as I currently have a red wool one from 2 years ago that is looking a bit sorry for itself.  So, I found a black coat that I liked, and they only had a couple - one was really big and the other one in my size (hurrah!)...only problem was, the big one was immaculate, and the one I wanted was covered in coloured fluff from the other coats it was hung next too! And I mean covered! It looked a mess, but I could tell that it was just fluff - not dirt - so I took it to the counter and asked for a discount!
They scanned in the coat - it was marked at £15 on the ticket, but scanned in at £10 as it was end of line. They still gave me a discount of 20% as well - so I got a lovely new winter coat for £8 :))

When I got home, I got out the lint roller and hey presto! in 5 minutes, the coat was pristine. I'm very happy with my purchase!
Going back to the car headlight - If I had gone to Halfords (UK big chain car parts place), the bulb would have been £24.99, and they charge £10 to fit. I went to a little independent place, and my bulb was £7 fitted! It pays to shop around folks......

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Seek and Ye shall find....my Christmas tree!

So, I'm finally feeling festive at last! The majority of my Xmas orders are made and have been posted, we cleaned the house from top to bottom and got our Christmas Tree yesterday.
We always get a real tree - I love the smell - and this year decided to get new baubles as the ones we got when we moved in 7 years ago (silver) don't really go so well with our orange and brown front room.
HOW hard was it to find orange decorations? Er, there are none! I look everywhere - even on Ebay and none were to be found. I really wanted brown and orange to match the room!!
In the end, I got some brown baubles that are different textures (some glitter, matt, shiny & ridged) and bought some orange organza ribbon from the haberdashers to make bows out of. THEN... yesterday after buying our tree, we stopped off at the hardware shop on the way home and popped into our local charity shop...and lo and behold....what was in the window? 2 sets of 6 vintage large shiny orange baubles - 50p a set, still in the boxes! Very Happy! :))) And here is my tree...
Mmm Cozy!
Close up of the tree
And our orange and brown decs. :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Royal Crown Revue & Kustom Kristmas report!

Sorry been a bit slow to do my show report - just been so busy since I got back on Monday after a hectic but fantastic weekend in London!
I had planned this trip months ago, so what amazing co-incidence that the amazing Royal Crown Revue were playing in London on Saturday night with Ray Gelato at the 100 club, Woo!
I love RCR, one of my favorite swing bands, and the first time I have seen them live. They didnt't dissapoint! Even though they were the support at for Ray Gelato, they played for a good hour and 20 mins :)
So, on Sunday,  it was up and out early for the all day Kustom Kristmas show at the Horatia pub in Holloway, London.
My friend Kate (who organised it) and I were the first to arrive. It was a "delight" to see that there had been a 21st party the night before, and that they pub had not cleaned up. So we had to do it. There were stars and glitter welded to all the tables with stale, sticky booze. Nice! I set about cleaning all the tables, took me back to my youth when I used to work behind a bar when I was 18! :-S
All cleaned and re-arranged....the stall holders began to arrive and it was showtime!...
Fab hand painted Tikis, Sugar Skulls,glassware and handbags
The lovely Kessie from Lady K Loves. Kessie runs this fab repro clothing business herself. She designs all the patterns and makes most of the clothing herself...a talented lady! Check her fantastic range out here. We were sat next to each other so had a really good chat about our businesses, and an exciting Lady K Loves and Dolly Cool photo shoot for the future...watch this space!
Art Korner! Live Pinstriping by Von Leadfoot on handbags, toolboxes and baubles!
Me with all my Dolly Cool goodies!
The first band of the night to play - Dead Sails.
And I was really happy to see my friend and fellow blogger Rascal in the evening. The birthday girl had on, as always, a lovely vintage dress, and check out that fab handbag!
To say I was exhausted on the way home was an understatement! What a great weekend though, can't wait to do it all again next year :)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Kustom Kristmas London - Rockin' Shopping/Eating/Gig event reminder!

Just a reminder that Dolly Cool will be at the Kustom Kristmas event this Sunday in Holloway, London at the Horatia pub. Open from 1pm till late with live music from Dead Sails and Voodoo Bones, and tons of cool artwork, independent designer/makers with rockin' merch - clothing, homewares, jewellery, prints etc, hot food, mulled wine and cake. What more could you ask for?
AND its FREE ENTRY too - woo! So get those snow boots on and come on down...hope to see you there :)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bah Humbug!

So, its December 2nd and Im still not feeling very Christmassy.... Bah Humbug!
I think the problem for me is that it all starts too early....who wants to see tins of Xmas chocs and calenders for 2011 in September?
Don't get me wrong, I do like Christmas, I just feel that its turned into an overhyped commercial nightmare the past few years. Sofa ads with Mariah Carey " All I want for Christmas is yooouuuuuuu" in October, Top 30 Xmas tunes countdown on music channels for the past month (yes, starting beginning of November) and don't get me started on people who put up full Xmas decorations complete with flashing house lights etc. mid November! ITS TOO EARLY!!! Argh!!
The only festive thing in my house at the moment is my Hello Kitty Advent Calender! Well, you have to have an advent calender, dont you?! I was never allowed a chocolate one as a kid - thanks mum! :) - I had traditional paper ones.
And I suppose it looks Christmassy outside my house.....

A light dusting of snow in my garden.
I promise I will start enjoying Christmas soon.....in a few weeks when its nearer the date and we get our tree! (Always a real one...love the smell!)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed under!

Ha! In more ways than one I have been totally snowed under with work the past week, hence lack of posts (sorry!).Also, as you may know we are having Arcrtic winds blasting us in the UK at the moment and its resulting in a bit of chaos, especially in the far North & Scotland. Thankfully we just got a little bit where I live so its not too bad, but temperatures are going right down to 0c during the day and -6c at night. Brr!
I am certainly appreciating being self employed at the moment as I can hide in my house, put my furry slippers on and get on with some work without the chilly commute! The snow is not too much of a bad thing anyway - I have had a dramatic increase in web sales this week from Scotland and Wales, so if people can't get to physical shops, they are shopping online instead :)
Before the snow hit really badly at the weekend, Michael and I managed an overnight trip to York at the end of last week to do some Xmas shopping - and to have a little break from work. I mentioned a few months ago that I love York, as I lived ther for 3 years when I went to University there. At Xmas it looks lovely with the festive lights against the historic buildings and my favorite street in the whole world, is Stonegate at Christmas;
It even snowed a bit when we were there!

Me wrapped up warm. I'm a big fan of earmuffs rather than a hat in winter - hats ruin my Bettie Bangs!
I'm stood on Stonegate outside a shop called Heaven Forbid that stocks my jewellery :)

And a shot of York Minster in the winter sun
This week I am busy making stock for the Kustom Kristmas fair that I am doing in London. Really hope that the snow calms down a bit so me (and my stock!) can get down there and to the show.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


This is a post for all you London dwelling folk....I am taking part in a very cool show in a few weeks time - KUSTOM KRISTMAS!

London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op presents the first ever Kustom Kristmas event, at The Horatia, Holloway, London. Taking place on the 5th December from 1pm til 11 pm, Kustom Kristmas features the cream of London’s alternative crafters, makers and artists.

Come and celebrate Christmas in style at Kustom Kristmas, have Sunday lunch, and peruse the stalls featuring one of a kind Christmas gifts, jewellery, home wares, clothing and greetings cards. Our Art Korner features emerging Kustom, Lowbrow, Tattoo and Tiki artists, and Live painting and Pinstriping. Entry is free, and there will be live bands Voodoo Bones and Dead Sails, plus DJs playing Rockabilly, Rock N Roll and Punkabilly til closing time.

The Horatia is conveniently located 5 minutes walk from Holloway and Highbury & Islington Tube stations.

Stall Holders and artists:

Beany   Clumsy    David Heulen     Dolly Cool     Georgia Kay-Jagusch       KalaHula

Katie A-Go-Go     Korero Books     Lady K Loves    Lady Rinth      Lily Bamboo

Little Miss Delicious    Los Furias Tiki      More Brains, Vicar?       Pennychoo

Sacred Stitches          Tamara Lee Photography       Von Leadfoot Pinstriping

Please help spread the word if you know anyone who you think would like to come! :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

This weekends buys....

Its true to say at the moment that I dont get out much - I'm so busy with Xmas orders I dont have time! I did make a free morning on Saturday however to pop into Manchester for my craft group meeting and to get some ribbons and other supplies that I needed for upcoming shows.
I did however manage to treat myself to a few goodies along the way courtesy of the fabulous Rockers - Manchesters very own rockabilly shop!

This is what I bought:
Miss Fortune Scarlett Fever Top

Tiki Farm Tiki Mug. This is my new pen pot!

And this lovely Kreepsville 666 Sugar Skull & Rose patch.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I got some press!

I was just commenting on someone elses blog the other day how I haven't been very proactive in getting myself some press. I'm good at designing, making and working to deadlines - but terrible at self promotion and marketing! Its going to be my new years resolution to get Dolly Cool more press attention.
Saying that - I have got some press this month which I am very excited about, as its my first piece of printed press coverage as Dolly Cool. I am featured in the November/December issue of Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine:
Its an internationally distributed magazine and full of cool stuff like art, airbrushing, pinstriping, tattoos, tiki,shows and events, music etc.
And my feature, which is on the Kustom Kristmas Stocking Filler page!